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Thomas Tuchel Delivers Verdict on Romelu Lukaku's Anti-Racism Comments Amid FA Talks

Thomas Tuchel believes Romelu Lukaku's comments of taking a stronger position on tackling online abuse can only be positive.

Lukaku, 28, called for more action to be taken by Premier League captains and social media companies to tackle racist and online abuse, something the Chelsea forward has been victim of. 

He questioned the significance of the impact of taking the knee, which came after his teammate Marcos Alonso confirming he would no longer take the knee before games due to it 'losing strength'.


The FA are now, as a result of Lukaku's comments earlier this week, set to hold talks with the Belgium international.

And Tuchel thinks it can only be a positive step if discussions are started and ideas can be formed to head into the right direction.

What Thomas Tuchel said

"I’m happy for every discussion that leads to the right direction. I didn’t know about it. I’m happy for every discussion we have because when we have discussions there can only be a positive output and speaking about things will always be the start for something positive. The idea leads to the right direction. 

"In general, I am maybe the worst person to speak about solutions in social media because it doesn’t exist for me. I don’t use them. I don’t have profiles on social media so leave this to the guys that use it and are in it, I’ll speak about football and it’s better."

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