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Thomas Tuchel Discusses Chelsea's Adapting Phase With Romelu Lukaku


Thomas Tuchel has declared that Chelsea are in an adapting phase with Romelu Lukaku as chances for the striker have dried up in recent weeks.

The forward has not scored for the club since his winner against Zenit in the Champions League last month.

Speaking ahead of the Blues' clash with Malmo, Tuchel has labelled the current period as an adaptation stage.


He said: "This will increase everyday. We are in the process of adapting to eachother."

The German continued to discuss why he believes Lukaku is not enjoying his football at the moment.

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Tuchel continued: "In the very moment, my opinion is that I feel Romelu is overplayed. He played too many competitions over the summer, with the national team and now the Nations League.


"If it doesn't go well, he puts it on his shoulders. He thinks about it, he reflects about it. I feel him a bit tired mentally. Not hugely that we have a concern. For me, he does not fully enjoy without having second and third thought. For me he is overplayed a little bit.

"Once he finds his rhythm, things easier. It is difficult to judge if he needs a break, if we should keep him on the pitch."

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