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Thomas Tuchel Expects Nothing Tactically Special From Man City as Chelsea Prepare for Premier League Encounter

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel has revealed he does not expect anything special from Pep Guardiola's Manchester City as the two sides prepare to face off on Saturday afternoon.

The two teams have faced each other once already this season in the Premier League back in September when Guardiola's men got the better of Tuchel's side.

Since then City have gone on to establish themselves as the favourites to win the league this season, now sitting 10 points ahead of second-placed Chelsea.


Speaking ahead of the Saturday lunchtime clash, Thomas Tuchel revealed that he is not expecting anything out of the ordinary from Guardiola's tactics tomorrow.

“To be honest I don’t expect nothing special tomorrow because it is a league game and not a knockout game," he said, as quoted by "They are comfortably ahead so I think they will try to be the best version of themselves.

"I expect no tactical, nothing new. Just the best of City and it’s enough to deal with it.”

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Tuchel then went on to be questioned about the gap between his side and Manchester City in the league table.


“At the moment it is a significant one. If you look at the points in the table, the consistency, it is a significant one and we have to prove.

"We have to prove to ourselves that we can step up and close it day in day out.

"We have trust in what we do, in our players and trust in the mentality of our club that we can do it.

"We have a strong squad, belief in what we do. We will be there but the situation is very particular in which we are trying to do it.

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