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Thomas Tuchel Reveals Honest Admission Regarding Chelsea's System Since Romelu Lukaku's Arrival

Honest words.

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel has made an honest admission regarding the change to Chelsea's system since Romelu Lukaku's arrival.

The striker joined the Blues from Inter Milan in a club record £97.5 million move and made an instant impact.

Talking ahead of Chelsea's Champions League clash with Juventus, Tuchel discussed the striker's role in the team and how they have adapted.

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The German said: "You always adapt to the players you have, their strengths and weaknesses.There is enough room to bounce back (after losing to Manchester City), it is necessary to show. We adapt to our players, that includes Romelu."

Tuchel continued to discuss the game against Manchester City and how he was not happy with the system that he implimented.

"Of course we analysed. We were not happy with our defensive, we were too passive against Man City," he continued. "The defensive choices, the plan and my responsibility maybe led to this passive behaviour which was not the plan. It led to it.

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"When we had the ball wins it was too deep, we defended the box for a long period. We did not allow nothing inside the box and around the box but it does not feel good. The choice of system maybe led to this behaviour. 

"We are all in this, we showed we can play a high pressing and have high ball recoveries with Romelu. It is a complex game. We have to be better in all spaces of the game. The best way to defend is having the ball. This is what City did excellent. They had a very strong performance, we underperformed but they made us underperform."

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