Thomas Tuchel Sends Message to His Players for Pre-Season

The German has a message for his players.
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Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel has sent a message to his players as the Blues take part in their first pre-season under the manager.

Chelsea's players that were not involved in Euro 2020 or the Copa America all returned to training, looking to impress the manager.

The German sat down with the club's official website to discuss his summer and how the player's are doing in pre-season training, where he gave a challenge to his players.

Tuchel pre UCL final 2

Speaking on what he's looking for in his players, Tuchel said: "We always look for attitude, they are all full of talent so we look for attitude. If we hire, we hire for attitude. The team set the bar high, it’s what we demand for ourselves.

"The way we approach things, how we are together, when we are together, how do we train, what do we train and if we can live up to it. This team did that, from the beginning to the very end and now a big part of our job is to forget the success and restart again. I demand it from the players and from myself."

Several players are looking to impress the Chelsea boss in training as they look to force their way into Tuchel's plans.

"Life is full of possibilities and for these guys now is the possibility. I cannot promise or tell anybody after one week that they will be a big part of next season’s plans. What I love about these guys is that they are so positive about it, they live in the moment and take the opportunity to enjoy and be grateful. Let’s see." Tuchel continued

"I have no promise to make but we look carefully, nobody can predict the future so everything is possible, always." he said.

Tuchel confused

The Blues have been taking part in a week-long training camp in Ireland and were due to play Drogheda United, unfortunately due to a COVID-19 outbreak, the camp has been cancelled.

Speaking on their time in Ireland, Tuchel said: "I like training camp because it’s very condensed. 

"It’s like being in a monastery, you have a hotel room and you’re with your team. You don’t go out, you’re focused on planning and controlling, speaking to the players and working on the principals of the game. We are all alone here so it feels good, so connected to the game. Pretty busy and tiring but full of energy that we want to create.

"I have a big smile on my face everyday because the group is doing so so well in terms of quality, atmosphere, devotion and workrate. It’s amazing to be a part of it."

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