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Thomas Tuchel Talks Penalties Ahead of Chelsea's FA Cup Final Against Liverpool

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel answered questions on whether his side are practising penalties ahead of their FA Cup final tie with Liverpool on Saturday afternoon.

The question came following the Blues' 11-10 penalty shoot-out loss in the final of the Carabao Cup back in February to Jurgen Klopp's Liverpool.

The big controversy of the final was that Kepa Arrizabalaga replaced Edouard Mendy as the two sides neared the penalty shoot-out and Kepa ended up being the one man on the pitch that missed his penalty.


During his pre-match press conference, Tuchel answered questions on whether his side would be practising penalties and whether Kepa will be selected.

“*laughs* Kepa shoots (practices) for six weeks! I will not tell you," he told the media. "I have an opinion about it but I will not tell you. When it comes to it, you will see.

"Even if we decide like in the Carabao Cup before, if we have the chance we will do it.

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"In approaching the match we always say let’s wait for the match and let’s see how the game goes, let’s see if we still have a change available. Let’s see how the match goes for Edou. It is never done before and it will not be done now. We have a plan for what we can do.

“Practising, I’m a bit torn in between if you can practise it and how much to practise it. My players shoot a lot of penalties during a season, I have to say - on an almost daily basis. Not too much.


"Not that a week before a final everybody is suddenly starting to shoot ten penalties a day. It is more or less one or two per day through the season.

"In my opinion it is good to have a certain routine for the players. To shoot tomorrow after 120 minutes of intense fight in a full stadium and pressure is on, it’s a different story. You cannot train.

"There are some techniques and routines you can dig into. This is what we do but over a long period of time.”

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