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Thomas Tuchel to Delay Holiday for Chelsea Takeover Clarity

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel has revealed that he will delay his holiday to clarify and give his opinions to the new owners ahead of the summer transfer window.

Todd Boehly was in attendance against Watford, with members of his consortium as the group prepare to take over from Roman Abramovich.

Speaking after the match, via Adam Newson, Tuchel discussed his plans and admitted that he will delay his holiday.


Boehly is set to invest heavily in the Chelsea squad, with significant funds to be available for Tuchel ahead of the new season.

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When asked if he will be taking a holiday before meeting with the new owners to discuss next season's plans, he said: "No, it's impossible. Cannot go on holiday, no. There are too many things to clarify and give an opinion. Of course, nowadays, you can have meetings on Zoom so it's not necessary to do everything in person. 

"The first days I will be here anyway and around because my children are in school, so it will start with a bit of a delay to the holidays.


"But even in holidays, it's also normal in a situation like ours, that you stay in contact and you have the possibility with Zoom and Facetime to have calls, share opinions and move forward because we need to."

Chelsea are set to lose both Antonio Rudiger and Andreas Christensen as Tuchel will need to replace the defenders in his squad as well as looking to add further players to help close the gap to Man City and Liverpool.

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