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Thomas Tuchel 'Will Do His Best to Earn Chelsea Banner'

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel has promised that he will do his best to earn the banner given to him by fans at the Blues' clash against Leicester City.

This comes as the Chelsea fans unveiled a new banner, hailing their head coach.

Speaking to the press, via Adam Newson, Tuchel discussed the banner and promised to earn his place as a crowd favourite.


When asked about his emotions after seeing the banner, captioned 'Deutsche Maestro' for the first time, Tuchel said: "I was very happy – I never had a banner. 

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"I was looking at the banner for Mason Mount until somebody told me there was another banner on the other side. So very nice and thank you very much and I will do my best to earn it."

The humble response summed up Chelsea's head coach, who many would argue has already earned the banner after winning the Blues the Champions League, UEFA Super Cup and Club World Cup, the former for the first time in the history of the club.

Tuchel's reaction was pictured and captured on video by the club, showing his surprise, happiness and gratitude towards the fans of whom he has built a special relationship with in just the short time he has been in charge. 

The Blues will be hoping to add to their squad at the end of the season and reward Tuchel for the hard work he has put in during a tough season at Stamford Bridge.

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