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Every Word Thomas Tuchel Said Ahead of Chelsea's Premier League Clash vs Brentford

Thomas Tuchel addressed the media ahead of Chelsea's Premier League clash against Brentford on Saturday evening.

For Chelsea and the rest of the sides, it's back to domestic action this weekend following the international break. 

As things stand, the Blues sit at the top of the table on 16 points, four points ahead of their opponents Brentford this weekend. 


Both sides won their last outings before the international break. Chelsea claimed a 3-1 win over 10-man Southampton, while the Bees stole all three points against West Ham with a last-gasp winner to seal a 2-1 victory in east London. 

Here's what the Chelsea boss had to say in full in his pre-match press conference:

On team news

"He (Silva) will be back in the afternoon hopefully safe from this match in Brazil. We had our talk today about Brentford, our tactical training. He missed that. He has 12 hours of traveling. That gives the answer about his availability, he is not.

"Antonio Rudiger came back injured from the national team, he is not available.

"Christian Pulisic is still injured and not available.

"We have doubts with Hakim Ziyech too - he missed the last two sessions with a headache. He is not with the squad tomorrow.

"Romelu is fine, doing all training sessions. He will play tomorrow."

On Thiago Silva:

"Of course I am not happy, I knew it before when he will come back. We knew before when he would travel, so nothing new. I got used to a lot of stuff in national breaks. This is how it is nowadays. Are we happy about it, all the coaches, with the amount of games our players play with their countries? We are not. Do they ask us? They do not. Also, does it change anything? Also not. I do not get in a bad mood because of this, I knew it before."

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On Newcastle takeover concerns:

"In general, yes. I think it is normal that people have concerns. We trust in the Premier League that they have accepted and they are the authorities in this case. This is a fact now, they allowed it. They have new owners and the new owners seem to be very promising for all fans and a famous, big club here in England. It seems we have a new competitor for titles and for places in the top ranking. This is what we are up for. We play in the toughest league and it seems to get tougher."

On returning from international break and mentality:

"Absolutely, to recreate the feeling and momentum and the energy that every team in this league needs to win a game, and that we need to be able to produce results consistently - this is the big challenge. It is always difficult after all the traveling, all the games for different teams and countries, different styles of play. It is always the same, this is always the challenge - to restart the engines, to restart the momentum and like you said, you can call it mentality or whatever, but it is not so easy. On the other hand we are used to it. It is good if you are aware of the possibilities that things can be difficult. Nobody expects an easy game tomorrow. This is clear for us and this is a good first step, to arrive with the right mentality or expectations. We face a tough opponent in a very difficult moment because they are in a very good moment. They deserve their points, they have a lot of points and will play with a lot of enthusiasm. This is what we have to face and we will face it with only two training sessions together. That is the challenge and we will see how good we are at it."

On whether managers should address the international breaks:

"We speak about it during the UEFA coaches meetings, we speak about it. The calendar is the calendar and we have to accept it. I’m not too frustrated about it, I don’t like it. I think it is too many games, too many competitions for the top players. The game is for the players and the spectators. The spectators want the top players on the pitch, they want them healthy and they want them fit and in shape, hungry. You cannot always provide it if you play so many games in so many different competitions. Given the fact that we only have three changes in the Premier League and not five like the other leagues, it is a big thing that we have to cope with. I’m actually not too frustrated, sorry if you have that impression. Maybe it is my body language today. I know when the next break is coming and we know we have seven games in between. We try to do the very best in each national break. This break was better for us in terms of minutes for our players. We had the chance to give some players two days off to rest, to recharge the batteries. This one felt a bit better at least, a little better than the last one. The next one will come. We have seven games to play then the guys will go again and keep on playing."

On Wenger’s solution for international calendar:

"I don’t know enough about it. I trust Arsene Wenger, he thinks about football first. Is it worth to discuss with him and to listen to him? Yes, absolutely. I have not had the time to dig in and to be well informed to speak about it."

On Brentford match after break:

"Yes, they will be up for it. Of course, they play with a lot of enthusiasm and catch already momentum and enthusiasm for getting promoted after so many years of trying hard. Finally, Chelsea comes - not for a cup game, not for a friendly game but Chelsea arrives for a game in the Premier League. They have so many points on their side, so many results. The atmosphere will be like this, they play with courage and with a lot of confidence but we cannot be surprised. We know this and now it is on us to adapt and accept the situation like it is. They will not give us a single inch on the field and we have to get ready, to be ready mentally and physically - also tactically. This is not a match about knowing the solutions, to outskill the opponent. This is a match where we have to match the mentality and attitude. This is what we did against Southampton, we accepted the role that the other team is the underdog and we are favourites. This did not keep us from playing like underdogs, we played a very intense and nice game of football against Southampton. We try and do the same thing tomorrow. There are some obstacles to overcome, it is never easy after international breaks but I hope we will be prepared. So far, we have the feeling that we have done everything to arrive in the best shape possible and we will give it a go."

On who he would choose to win the Ballon d’Or out of his Chelsea players:

Do you believe me if I tell you that I don’t even know who it is on the list? I’m not into these single, individual awards. I believe this is a team effort. I believe what we did last season, for these players on the list, was a team effort. We were more than just single players, we were a team, a group of friends almost. It felt like it. We were a strong club and the guys were a strong team in every single game. That gave us the possibility to reach a big final and win it, and this gives us the possibility to have players on this list of 30 incredible names. I’m super happy when there are five names for us, it shows it is valued and that the guys did a good job and are in the spotlight. I hope one of our players gets it, it will increase the confidence and everything you need to become a good player. I don't even know what five names are on the list and I will not judge anybody over another. They have done an incredible job last season. It is about last season. Since many weeks, I am into the future and into the present. We have to forget all this and don’t put it too high what happened last season and all these awards.

On the importance of next seven games:

"I cannot agree less with you, you used the word ‘easier’. I can agree with you that we have seven games where we are seven times the favourites. We have seven times to prove that we are the better team, because we want to be the better team. We should not be shy to acknowledge that or make us smaller than we are. We want to prove in the next seven times in the next spell that we deserve to be the favourites. We need a certain mentality to do so. If favourite means things will be easy, we cannot be more wrong and this is the wrong path to go. If being favourite means we still expect a tough one tomorrow at Brentford, then this is a good one to accept. In the end we have to take all the pressure off our shoulders, take risks in the game and play with a certain freedom because with a fear to lose, or of losing a status, you can win absolutely nothing. That is why if you sign for Chelsea, if you work for Chelsea, if you play for Chelsea, you play to win and you cannot be surprised if you are the favourites in a game against Brentford. Does this change any expectation? Hopefully not. Once we have our expectations right, what we expect from tomorrow’s game, once we have the attitude right then hopefully you get the result right. This is what we are doing, where the focus is. Then we know we have a spell of seven games, seven different ones, seven tough ones. I have coached an underdog team long enough in Germany to know how capable you can be as a group to close the gap in 90 minutes. This is possible in football. We are on the other side, we try to make a point in every single game and it starts with tomorrow."

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