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Timo Werner: Chelsea Fans' Support Makes Me Stronger Despite Missing Chances

Chelsea's Timo Werner has admitted that the support from the fans makes him stronger despite the fact that he misses goalscoring chances for the Blues.

The German arrived from RB Lepizig last season and lifted the Champions League at the end of his first campaign in London.

Speaking to Chelsea's 5th Stand App, Werner thanked the fans for their support and reflected on what it means to him.


When asked about the Chelsea fans supporting him through the tough times, Werner admitted: "Sometimes even I don’t know why they are supporting me so much, because as a striker you want to score as many goals as possible and sometimes I miss this aim, I have to be honest about that. It makes it a lot of fun to play in front of the Chelsea fans and when they give you the support like they give to me it makes you even stronger when you miss chances or have hard times.

"On the other side, I try to give my best in every game, to give 100 per cent every time, so that the fans are happy at the end, and also so the team are happy at the end. It’s hard to explain, but of course when you go into the stadium and the fans like you and they support you and they sing your name it makes it much more fun and makes you more proud.

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"I say this because I know what it’s like to go to stadiums where the fans don’t like you and hate you, so it’s very nice and very good to feel this way around. "


He continued to reveal that the Blues' support helps give him confidence even if he is missing chances.

"It makes it so fun to play in front of the Chelsea fans and when they give the support they give me, it makes me stronger when I miss chances or have hard times." he said.

The forward will be hoping that he can work his way back into Thomas Tuchel's side and reward the fans for their support as Chelsea have it all to play for in cup competitions this season.

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