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Thomas Tuchel Knows Chelsea's Summer Transfer Plans But Needs to Speak With Todd Boehly

Thomas Tuchel has admitted he already knows his summer transfer ideas but can't make any decisions until he speaks to Todd Boehly and Chelsea's new owners once the takeover has completed.

Chelsea are currently under an embargo regarding player activity and therefore unable to buy, sell or negotiate for players ahead of the summer transfer window. 

Once the takeover is completed, Chelsea can then resume their plans and act on their ideas. However, conversations still need to be had between Tuchel and the new owners' over their respective ideas and targets. 


Tuchel has already identified his targets for the summer, however is aware they will be playing catch up as a result of not being allowed to do any of the leg work prior to the window opening next month. 

But the Chelsea head coach knows he needs to speak with Boehly and co to learn their ideas before they can proceed with making any additions to their current setup and squad.

He told reporters: "We have an idea, but unfortunately, the guys don't know that we have an idea, nor do the clubs. We have ideas, but we also need to find out what the ideas of the new owners are. This is also a key point, and from there, we go.

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"Normally, at this time of the season, you are contacting players, you are out, you get a feeling, a read, you have discussions, you have dialogue, you have feedback, you know who is committed, you find your targets, you sign your players, and you go from there to the next step. Because we didn't have this step, this is where we are."


One area Chelsea will need to bolster is in defence. Antonio Rudiger and Andreas Christensen are on their way out of Stamford Bridge this summer. Cesar Azpilicueta's future is uncertain, while Thiago Silva is not getting any younger, now 37.

Tuchel has acknowledged this, adding: "We had a core in our back three, and we do have an issue with Thiago. He is not Benjamin Button. It seems like he is, but he's not. He is getting older, and it would have maybe been enough to find a natural replacement for this kind of position and keep everybody else

"Suddenly, we lose two, three, three-and-a-half players at the back and this is actually concerning. It is a huge, huge challenge, given the fact that you cannot act.

"Everybody else is driving from the start, and you are still not finding the right gear to get your kickstart. This is where we are. It is a long race, but we don't give up. It makes it a bit more complicated, but this is what it is. We try our very best to make up for the disadvantage, but there are some things to solve."

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