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What Chelsea Told Jody Morris During Phone Call to Confirm Departure

Jody Morris has revealed what Chelsea told him during conversations to confirm his departure following Frank Lampard's sacking.

Chelsea opted to part company with Lampard, Morris and Chris Jones in January as results slipped which saw the Blues fall to ninth in the Premier League.

Lampard was informed of his sacking on the morning after their FA Cup win against Luton Town which proved to be his final game in charge. 


The club let go of Morris as well and he has now revealed how we found out he was leaving the club when reflecting on his time in the dugout as an assistant in west London.

"The club’s been fine," Morris said to the Times on Chelsea following his departure. "I just remember (chairman) Bruce Buck giving me a phone call to let me know I’d be moving on with Lamps. I’ve got no problems with the club. They gave me a massive opportunity. There’s a lot I owe Neil Bath for.

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“I’ve not been back since. Initially it was as Covid was still going, but this season it’s been more my mate’s got a vets team and on a Saturday I’ve been joining in with them to try and keep fit. I will go back. I’m a Chelsea fan! I said before we even got the sack I’d be looking at Tuchel (as a future Chelsea head coach). I like the way his teams played. He’s top drawer. I’ve spoken to close friends who work under him at Chelsea and they speak just as highly of him. I like how he is on the sidelines. I like how he’s demanding of his team.

“Even from a down side of being sacked from Chelsea you also receive some really good messages and offers of support, people like Brendan Rodgers, who was great. He said, ‘If you ever want to jump on a Zoom, talk about anything, or come in and watch me work.’ ”

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