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'You have no plan B' - Rob Green's ruthless encounter with former Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri

Maurizio Sarri was not a popular figure amongst the fans at Stamford Bridge during his short tenure.
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Former Chelsea goalkeeper Rob Green has revealed the one-way conversation he had with ex-Blues boss Maurizio Sarri, telling him that his tactics were not up to scratch and that the Italian only knew of one way to play football. 

Despite Chelsea's success under Maurizio Sarri - coming third in the Premier League and winning the Europa League, both parties ended their relationship after just one season in charge as the Italian returned to Italy to join Juventus. 

But through his time in west London, there were damning times. A 4-0 defeat to Bournemouth and then a crushing 6-0 thrashing to Manchester City. 

Robert Green, speaking in an exclusive interview with The Athletic, revealed that the Blues had a meeting following the Blues' 6-0 defeat to Man City, which was their heaviest defeat in 28 years. 

Many of the squad refused to publicly call out the former Chelsea boss, but Green took matters into own hands and revealed his and the rest of the squads frustration to the then Chelsea manager.

"I turned to Sarri and said, ‘Look, you are in a really difficult position and I understand that because there is stuff going on at this club that I can see, you can see and no one on the outside can see, so I get you’ but all the while I was thinking, ‘I’m going to give him both barrels in a minute’.


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"I just spelled it out. I told him, ‘You have no plan B. You’re a transactional kind of manager. The players in the group are not the kind to speak to you like this — they care very much but are scared to say something to you, like I am. I don’t care because what are you going to do — drop me!?"

Plenty of Rob Green's teammates were pleased that he decided to tell Maurizio Sarri what they were all thinking, but did not want to say. 

"I spoke for 15 minutes," Green said. "A lot of players said afterwards that they enjoyed me saying that: ‘You said what I wanted to say but I couldn’t say it’. Obviously, if they had, it could have affected their place in the team or their future at the club.

"How did Sarri take it? We were all walking out of the room at the end and he was standing at the door. I was thinking, ‘Oh fuck, I’m dead’ but he shook my hand and said, ‘Thank you, that’s the first time anyone has made me think at a meeting’. The thing is, it didn’t change anything."

For Rob Green's full interview with The Athletic, click here

Chelsea went onto still lift silverware come the end of the season, but the departure of Maurizio Sarri hasn't affected the Blues this term under new boss Frank Lampard.


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