Report: Chelsea Could Still Pursue Lukaku or Kane Despite Haaland Links

Despite Chelsea's pursuit of Erling Haaland, the Blues could very well still be in play for Harry Kane or Romelu Lukaku.

Chelsea are in need of a true centre-forward, this much has been made clear not just from the previous season's results, but also from the board and manager Thomas Tuchel.

Some talented names have been connected to the Blues before the transfer window had even opened to include Harry Kane, Romelu Lukaku, and Erling Haaland. 

Kane always appeared to be a long-shot just due to his current club being crosstown-rivals in Tottenham, who are likely unwilling to deal their best asset to Chelsea. Lukaku on the other hand seemed to be a plausible option as a reunion makes sense for both parties. However, Lukaku recently made his desires to remain at Inter Milan known in an interview. 

Haaland has been heavily connected to Chelsea for the majority of the previous season and now reports are swirling that the Blues have offered Borussia Dortmund £70 million and Tammy Abraham for the Norwegian. It is assumed that personal terms with Haaland would not be hard to reach, but the decision still rest firmly in Dortmund's hands. 

Yet, the deal with Haaland is still far from certain, which means that Kane could still be on the table, as well as Lukaku, depending on Inter's financial status. Eurosport's Dean Jones spoke on Football Terrace about Chelsea's potential transfer activities. He believes that it would be hard to envision Dortmund allowing Jadon Sancho and Haaland to both leave during the same transfer window. 

As such, Chelsea should be preparing to pivot to a different target if Sancho does get moved and Haaland made unavailable. Jones believes that Lukaku could very well be an option despite his desire to remain in Italy as Inter Milan is in financial straits and could look to move him. 

Additionally, if Chelsea is serious about adding a world-class player and money is truly not a factor, Tottenham's Kane could be in play for the Blues. It would likely cost more for Chelsea than other clubs to acquire the hitman just due to the London adversary's unwillingness to deal with the Blues, especially in the case of their longtime talisman in Kane. 

Regardless, one thing is for certain: this transfer window promises to be a wild one. 

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