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Thomas Tuchel and the Chelsea board have made it little surprise that the club intends on pursuing a true striker during this upcoming summer's transfer window. Despite an influx of new, young players last summer, the club desires a veteran and established player to help lead the offensive attack and bring more goals to the club. 

To start the season, Timo Werner was the ideal candidate to be that type of player, his potential success was what the team hoped on, designed the squad for, and yet those designs never came to fruition. Whether it was the transition from the Bundesliga to the English Premier League, or a difference in position and tactics, Werner left many wanting. 

With the need for a striker in mind, reports suggest that Chelsea's top three targets at the position are Tottenham's Harry Kane, Inter Milan's Romelu Lukaku, and Borussia Dortmund's Erling Haaland. With no Chelsea player scoring more than seven goals in league play this season, an addition is necessary.

Kane figures to be the most secure bet of the three as he currently plays in the Premier League, understands the state of the game, and was the top goal scorer in the league with 23 goals and also led the league in assists with 14. No matter where Kane goes he will immediately upgrade the offense and goal scoring capability. However, the chances of Tottenham doing business with cross-town rivals Chelsea is another matter all together. 

The 27-year-old may command more than £150 million this summer, but if Chelsea really want to make a push for the front man, as reports suggest, then it may take even more than that. Yet, when Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich wants something, there are few who can tell him no. It is undeniable that Kane will be the hottest commodity on the market this summer and all signs point to Chelsea at least attempting a run for him. 


If the pursuit for Kane does not pan out, then that leaves two other high end options in Lukaku and Haaland. Of course, Lukaku, a former Chelsea man himself and just one year older than Kane, could be enticing. The Belgian has scored 47 goals for Inter Milan in just 72 appearances and his performance in the Premier League is equally as impressive. During his stint with Manchester United he scored 28 goals in 66 appearances despite his deteriorating relationship with the club.  

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Lukaku could be valued in the £80-100 million range, which is significantly cheaper than Kane, but he could provide similar production for the club. However, as The Athletic reports, Lukaku's future likely depends on the status of Milan's coach Antonio Conte. 

Finally, the third striker connected to Chelsea, and one that has been nearly all season, is Borussia Dortmund's Haaland. The Norwegian has been the subject of conversation in terms of being a transfer target for nearly every top club in the Premier League. Haaland's one requirement for a move is that the buying club must be in the Champions League come next season. Seeing as Dortmund has secured Champions League football for next season, a move seems unlikely. 

However, if the old saying that 'everything is for sale for the right price' is true, and if a substantial enough offer comes Dortmund's way, then a Haaland move is still possible. At 20-years-old he is by far the youngest of Chelsea's three main targets and a lot of questions could be raised about his potential fit. The Dortmund front man is coming from the Bundesliga, something that two of Chelsea's top acquisitions last summer had to do and the adjustment has not gone to plan. 


Additionally, his youth plays a factor as Chelsea seems to be desiring a veteran player who has produced at the highest levels with consistency. Haaland, for as much talent as he has, would represent a significantly higher risk, especially for the associated cost, compared to players like Kane and Lukaku. Haaland would likely require a £160 million fee with reported wages near £500,000 a week. While the Norwegian very well could be a generational talent, waiting until next summer when his release clause can be activated will significantly reduce cost. Yet, all signs point towards some club at least making a run for him for this summer. The question remains if Chelsea want to pursue him in lieu of a more established striker. 

Regardless, Chelsea will pursue a top-shelf striker. Who ends up in blue next season is still a mystery that will have to be solved this summer. 

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