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‘I Could See That’ - Pundit Tips Newcastle to Sign Conor Gallagher Instead of James Maddison

Former Arsenal player Kevin Campbell has said that Newcastle United could sign Conor Gallagher instead of James Maddison.

Conor Gallagher had a very good loan move with Crystal Palace last season, meaning there were many clubs interested in signing him.

So far this summer, Everton, Crystal Palace & Steven Gerrard's Aston Villa have been trying to sign him.

However, rumours around Gallagher's future have recently died down and it looks like he could be staying at Stamford Bridge this season.

Conor Gallagher

Despite this, Kevin Campbell believes that the England international could be a good option for Newcastle United this summer.

“Gallagher would be a very good signing. He has a great engine," Campbell told Football Insider.

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“I don’t think he is as creative as Maddison though. He doesn’t have that craft.

James Maddison

“Gallagher is more of an all-action player. He would give them a lot at the top end of the pitch though because he can get around. He gets through 90 minutes easily.

“I think he needs to add a bit more creativity to his game. He is young and is still learning. Maddison is more experience than him.

“I still think Gallagher would a good signing though. I could see that.”

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