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2022/23 Premier League Season Ticket Prices: Has Your Club Increased Their Price? Football Fans Taken Advantage Of?

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The 2022/23 Premier League season is just over a month away and all 20 clubs have released their ticket prices. Who is the most expensive and the cheapest and do they mirror what you can see on the pitch?

As we head into a new football season in the English Premier League, supporters will be out in their numbers buying their season tickets. A football team is more than just a sport to most fans, in fact, is a part of their life and they will pay to watch their heroes play.

Just two years ago, football fans were unable to attend matches due to the Covid pandemic, which took a serious toll on each club's finances. 

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta during the Premier League match at the Emirates Stadium, London.

The empty seats in the stadium spoke louder than a full-capacity crowd. especially in the wallets of the money-minded people within the whole footballing industry.

Yes, clubs lost out on income, however, so did half the nation, including the ones that were already struggling. So, you would think ticket prices would become more affordable to those who make the clubs special. Think again...

Courtesy of Mirror Football, here are the prices of season tickets for each club this season and how they compare to last season. Some clubs have increased, most have stayed the same and only one have cheapened its, tickets for their loyal fans

As the country is going through a financial crisis, with many people struggling to pay bills, football clubs are once again taking advantage of the loyalty of their fanbases. 

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They know the fans will pay for the tickets as they have done every single year. The absence of fans shook up the footballing world through the pandemic and made people realise how important they are.

This seems to be soon forgotten and clubs are happy to take more and more as the financial state of this country just gets worse. 

Kop in a time of Covid

Imagine Everton fans having to watch their club fight for relegation one season only to pay more the season after. Tottenham have the most expensive ticket due to having the best-facilitated stadium in the world, but does it filter onto the pitch enough?

There is one club, however, that have decreased the value of their season ticket and that's West Ham. Despite showing improvements on the pitch and within the stadium, they are in fact the cheapest in the league. 

Whether your club has increased their ticket prices or not, the thoughts within the club are still not with the fans. Money means more.

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