Can FSG Win The Fans Back?

Following an apology from owner John W. Henry, do FSG have a chance to win back fans?
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On Tuesday, Liverpool Football Club officially left the proposed plan to join the European Super League alongside five other English sides.

After a two-minute-27-second apology posted on the club's social media site, owner John W. Henry publicly admitted his mistake and an extreme lack of judgement. Apologizing to fans, players, and staff, Henry emphasized how he has learned from this blunder and that the club will move forward and try to "rebuild trust".

But after yet another gaffe, and one of this magnitude, can Fenway Sports Group regain the trust of the Liverpool fans?

Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy (left), Liverpool owner John W. Henry (center) and UEFA General Secretary Theodore Theodoridis.

John Henry issued an apology, but was it enough?

FSG have been involved in a number of questionable decisions that have affected fans directly over their time as owners.

In 2016, FSG skyrocketed ticket prices for the upcoming season, causing fans to walk out of their home match against Sunderland in protest. FSG later back-tracked and restructured ticket prices.

After a victorious campaign that saw Liverpool lift their sixth European Cup, FSG refused to further spend on players, even after record profits.

Then, just last year, FSG decided to furlough staff during the pandemic, only to back-track once again.

Those are just some of the more recent instances that have shown a lack of thought, wherewithal, and understanding of the club and its supporters.

Winning back supporters after this major miscalculation will undoubtedly be the most difficult for FSG to dig their way out of, if they even can. Public outcry over the past 48+ hours has been greater than any that I can remember when it comes to errors from Liverpool's owners.

The "FSG Out" contingent now have the firmest of footing since the Boston area owners took charge in 2010.

So what might it take for fans to put their trust back into FSG in any form?

For starters, there needs to be investment.

FSG have showed numerous instances of greed. It's now time for them to put their greed aside, spend on the club, and put the fans interest first. Every transfer window since 2018 has been met with the phrase, "if Liverpool have the funds." They have the funds; we all know it. With the latest investment from RedBird, FSG are now in the best financial situation since before the pandemic. They need to spend money this summer, surely.

Would FSG and John Henry consider a 50+1 change? 

Would FSG and John Henry consider a 50+1 change? 

Next, their needs to be fan involvement in ownership in some capacity. We've all seen how the Bundesliga clubs operate with the 50+1 rule, not saying that that is the route that FSG need to go, but in some way, their needs to be a fan ambassador that has a direct line to ownership. Supporters must come before profit, end of discussion. 

Coming back from a mistake like this may very well be unattainable. At some point, FSG may have to sell the club due to repercussions from this debacle, only time will tell. But, if they are to remain owners long-term, they must take immediate actions to return the club to its deep rooted history amplified by the best supporters in football.

This instance involving FSG brings to light the many past legends the club has had the privilege of calling family. In difficult times like these, it is important to remember what makes Liverpool FC unique and the best club in the world.

"At a football club, there's a holy trinity," said LFC legend Bill Shankly. "The players, the manager, and the supporters. Directors don't come into it. They are only there to sign the checks."