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Could VAR Be Liverpool's Biggest Title Threat?

There has been a lot of talk about VAR and Liverpool. So much so that #LiVARpool became a Twitter trend. But before claims of overzealous and partisan fan bias emerge, it is worth noting that Liverpool remain top of the table although Manchester United could move level on points if they win their game in hand.

Why The Uproar

Following Jordan Pickford's near assault on Virgil Van Dijk, Klopp clearly was not happy with his stalwart centre-back being ruled out for a prolonged period.

To add insult to injury, Pickford escaped any punishment both within the game or any further retrospective action. Klopp incensed so much so that he went on to say: "We are now in the sixth game of the season and in three of them we are on the wrong end of this kind of decision.”

The outcome raised further questions: Is VAR Liverpool's biggest title threat? The Answer: judge it for yourself..


Sadio Mane was deemed to be offside which chalked off Jordan Henderson's late winner in the 2-2 derby against Everton. See if you can spot the offside.

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A Mohamed Salah strike was ruled out for offside in Liverpool's 1-1 draw with Brighton. You might miss the offside at first glance.


Sheffield United were awarded a penalty after Fabinho's challenge was deemed to be inside the box.

An Andy Robertson challenge on Danny Welbeck gave Brighton a stoppage- time penalty in their 1-1 draw with Liverpool.


Nevertheless, there can be no smoke without fire as VAR ultimately must extinguish the flames of doubt. How so you might ask? Having former players in charge of the system would surely tighten the ship. However, club loyalties may otherwise cloud objective decisions.

A Broken VAR System

Technology cannot be used as a smoke screen for a VAR system that fails to meet the demands of the modern game that is ultimately operated by footballing officials. VAR for now, seems to be keeping Liverpool at bay.