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Divock Origi's Top 5 Moments As A Liverpool Player

Divock Origi is set to leave Liverpool at the end of the season. Here are his top 5 Liverpool moments.

Where do you genuinely even begin?

The man the myth the legend that is Divock Origi will be leaving Liverpool to join AC Milan, Jurgen Klopp has unfortunately confirmed.

It is such a sad moment as he is one of the most loved Liverpool players probably ever, I don't think that is too much of a stretch to say.

He has given us so many moments and that is what football is all about.

Moments that you would do anything to relive, moments that you look back on with such fondness, moments that you cannot even remember fully due to the pure emotion that you felt at the time.

For one player, who was never even a regular starter, to give a set of fans so many of these moments is something special.

Divock Origi is that something special and he will be remembered forever, there is no doubt that.

A special man as well for what he has done in the City of Liverpool.

How does one even condense his moments into a top five?

I shall try my best.

5) 90+4 vs Wolves

There are so many late winners that could have taken fifth place on this list but I have gone with the one that kept Liverpool going to the very last in the league in his last season with the club.

He had to have his inevitable last gasp winner, he has it every season and this one was one of the most vital goals as it kept all of Liverpool's momentum up when it looked like they might lose it all in a key part of the season.

The moment was extraordinary.

One of those goals which sends the away fans down a good few rows and makes those watching on at home do laps around the living room.

The finish as well, as always world-class

4) The Derby double to send Marco Silva packing

One group of supporters will be absolutely ecstatic at the prospect of Origi leaving Liverpool and that is their bitter rivals Everton.

Every time he played against them he scored, it did not matter about his own form he would always turn up against The Toffees

The double he scored against them at Anfield in Liverpool's title-winning season were two of his four league goals that campaign, he was always Everton's demise.

His delicate touch and chip over Pickford here, immense.

3) 'The daftest derby goal of all time'

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Out of the blue.

I got back to my point before, he always turned up for the derby.

This was his first appearance of the season in the 14th league game after a poor season out on loan at Wolfsburg.

At the time it was even a shock that he was named on the bench, near enough every supporter thought his time was up at the club.

He came on for six minutes and made an instant impact.

Most importantly he was in the right place at the right time when Jordan Pickford made one of the biggest howlers in Premier League history.

That goal would prove to be one of the biggest footballing butterfly effects ever.


That butterfly effect I was on about.

One of the most famous Champions League comebacks ever spearheaded by a man who before that Everton cameo was so far from being involved.

He got the comeback started with his deadly poacher instincts and it was only right that he was the one to round it off with one of the most quite literal unbelievable goals of all time.

At the time Alexander-Arnold took all the credit for the quick thinking but the way Origi adjusts his body so quickly to fire the ball into the top corner is insane.

What a way to send your side to the Champions League final.

1) A sixth European Cup for The Reds 

It had to be this one, didn't it?

What a way to round of a season by making sure the European Cup was coming back to Anfield.

He arrowed the strike perfectly into the bottom right corner to send the Liverpool end into oblivion.

Made all possible by a cameo appearance off the bench against Everton earlier on in the season.

Football it is a funny old game and Divock Origi will go down as one of the funniest and most loved of all time by Reds.

What a player, what a fella, what an absolute legend.

Saturday night and I like the way you move...

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