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Kit Controversy: What Colour is the trim?

The recently released 21/22 Home kit has had multiple images showing the trim of the kit to be different colours

Being "inspired by the full red 1964 kit", the 21/22 Liverpool home kit has been shrouded in controversy. On the kit, features such as diagonal bolts & a bold backside to the collar make the new strip already a bold diversion from what is considered a "classic" Liverpool kit, but the contention surrounding the kit actually stems from it's colours.

Officially featuring a 'Gym Red' body combined with 'Fossil' (an off-white) & 'Bright Crimson' (as Per footyheadlines), the original release of the kit actually showed the 'Bright Crimson' to be more orange or peach.

Following this was generally a mass feeling that the kit was "underwhelming" , looking more like an AS Roma kit than a Liverpool one.

Contrasting this, Liverpool went on to release a video promoting the kit, where the likes of Diogo Jota could be seen displaying colours more in line to what is listed (Bright Crimson actually appearing to be Bright Crimson).

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To clarify, this colour is the same as what was displayed on the third kit of the 20/21 season, which contrasted the black on the sides & as the colour of the badges.

Nat Phillips

Nat Phillips and Roberto Firmino celebrate a Liverpool goal.

This contrast is what has lead to the controversy surrounding the kit's release.

Luckily, today we got to see the new home kit in action, ending the debate. To many fans' delight, the kit's trim is in fact a Bright Crimson, being more red than orange, as opposed to what was originally thought. While definitely standing out from the pack (in terms of Liverpool kits), there is no peach colour featured on the kit, simply appearing so due to lighting in the promotional images of the strip's release.