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Jürgen Klopp Shows His Support For Liverpool’s Involvement With LGBTQ+ Charity Stonewall And The Rainbow Laces Campaign

Liverpool will be taking part in the Rainbow Laces campaign to help support LGBTQ+ charity, Stonewall, in the next two Premier League fixtures. 

This news was confirmed by the club on Thursday and was met by mainly positive replies by the diverse fan base. 

Manager Jürgen Klopp and Liverpool Women’s star Meikayla Moore sat down to have a conversation about how important the campaign is to make people feel comfortable in football no matter their sexual orientation. The two also discussed the differences surrounding LGBTQ+ footballers in the men’s and the women’s game. 

Klopp made is clear that he is an ally of the community and also said that there are no issues with the LGBTQ+ community within the Liverpool locker room. 

It was great to see Moore talk about her experiences as an openly lesbian footballer and how she hopes to encourage and inspire the youth in football. 

The Rainbow Laces campaign is to help combat phobias regarding the LGBTQ+ community by spreading awareness and acceptance of the community in football.

 Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson is an avid supporter of this campaign and has donned the rainbow captains armband proudly over the past few years. 

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The Liverpool captain has also been wearing the rainbow laces in his last few England international appearances. 

Earlier this year, Henderson showed support for as he became the first openly gay male professional football player. 

Every Liverpool player is not required to wear the rainbow laces as it is ultimately up to choice to support the campaign. 

The rainbow laces campaign has our full support at LFCTransferRoom.

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