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'Just Edges It' - Peter Crouch On What Unlikely Award Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp Deserves

Former Liverpool player Peter Crouch has been reviewing the Premier League campaign and named manager Jurgen Klopp as a winner of one of his end-of-season awards.

Jurgen Klopp

Liverpool have been outstanding and were unlucky not to win the title on the final day but have already won the two domestic cups and have the Champions League final against Real Madrid to come.

Speaking in his Sportsmail column, however, Crouch awards the German the title of 'Biggest Moaner' and explained why.

"Well, all of them whinge – especially the top managers. Jurgen Klopp probably just edges it.

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"The biggest characters are winners: Ferguson, Mourinho, Benitez were always like that. It's always everybody else's fault when they lose, none of them accept defeat well. I don't think any of the current crop cover themselves in glory when they lose.

"And that's because they are winners. It's cracking TV, isn't it? You hang on for their interviews."

Whilst Crouch's comments are light-hearted in nature, there have been plenty of occasions when Klopp's complaints have been valid, particularly in respect of fixture scheduling and when decisions have gone against his team.

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