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Mohamed Salah Vs Luis Suarez

Twitter has been discussing who was the better Liverpool FC player, the Egyptian King or El Pistolero?

Liverpool FC have had many talented players step onto the Anfield pitch donning the famous liverbird on their chest.

The Anfield faithful have been lucky enough to watch players such as Steven Gerrard and King Kenny Dalglish play for their club.

Recently, there have been debates over two of Liverpool's all time attackers; Luis Suarez and Mohamed Salah.

Simple question, who is the better Liverpool player? 

LFC Transfer Room decided to join in the debate and figure out which mercurial attacker reigns supreme.

Salah Vs Suarez

Luis Suarez Mohamed Salah

Charlie Webb

This is a question that will be forever up for debate within the Liverpool fan base. Both in my eyes are considered Liverpool Legends and it's very hard to separate them.

Personally, I grew up going to game and watching Luis Suarez in a Liverpool shirt. He made me fall in love with Liverpool and I think that biased is swaying me to chose him.

Mohamed Salah on the other hand will probably go down as one of the most successful Liverpool players in the Premier League era.

Mohamed Salah

I love them both and they're are two of the most technically gifted players I've ever seen but for me, I'll chose Luis Suarez everyday of the week. 

He has done things in a Liverpool shirt that no one has done and to witness them in person is a massive reason why I'm choosing El Pistolero

Vote: Luis Suarez


Harry Miller

For me, this choice is not easy as there is a case to be made for both of these superstars but when it boils down to who is the better Liverpool player, there is only one option-Mohamed Salah.

Mo has captured the hearts of Liverpool fans across the globe in a way I have never seen before. 

Salah’s immense dribbling prowess paired with his sublime goal scoring records cannot he matched by many players in world football.

A case can be made for Mo having a better supporting cast than Suarez which lead to Salah having a better Liverpool career. 

However, before the Egyptian king moved to Merseyside, Jurgen Klopp’s team were without silverware and could not challenge for the title. 

Salah was the missing piece that completed the title winning puzzle. Luis Suarez may have had us dreaming but Mo Salah turned our dreams into reality.

Vote: Mohamed Salah

Mohamed Salah

Matt Thielen

Comparing Liverpool's two greatest attackers is no easy task.

Since joining Jurgen Klopp's Liverpool, Mohamed Salah has shown that he is one of the best goal scorers in the world.

Mo Salah in Villa Park where he scored a brace

In his four seasons with Liverpool he has scored 44 goals, 27 goals, 23 goals and 31 goals for a total of 125 goals.

The Egyptian King has well and truly helped The Reds become a global force once again.

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During Luis Suarez's spell at Liverpool, however, he did things that nobody else on the planet was capable of.

Although Mohamed Salah's trophy haul with Liverpool is far superior than the Uruguayan's, Suarez's moments of brilliance put him ahead of the Egyptian.

Harsh luck for Mohamed Salah who helped Liverpool become world champions (FIFA Club World Cup, European Cup, UEFA Super Cup, Premier League) while also boasting back-to-back Golden Boot awards.

Vote: Luis Suarez

Suarez and Sturridge celebrate a goal

Priyasha Bhowmik

First of all, I would like to clarify that Luis Suarez has been a better player, and had a better career, than Mohamed Salah overall. The Uruguayan was wondrous for Liverpool, and netted 82 times in 133 games for the Reds in his three-year tenure.

Luis Suarez Coutinho

He was an absolute monster in 13/14, specifically, where he equaled the Premier League goal scoring record in 38 games, but Mohamed Salah was no less of a menace in 17/18. 

The now 29 year-old scored a blistering 44 goal in that campaign, breaking the Premier League goal record, and has been keeping up a high standard to this date, effectively carrying Liverpool to 3rd place last season. 

He was instrumental in the club's first league title in 30 years, and has won three other trophies along the way as well. 

Salah after completing his hattrick against Leeds United

While Luis Suarez might be one of the most gifted players in Liverpool history, Mohamed Salah ( 126 goals in 208 games) has been more important, and will continue to be important as he is close to penning a new deal, committing his future to Liverpool, something Suarez didn't do.

Vote: Mohamed Salah


Elliot Thompson

Obviously it is one of the most difficult comparisons when it comes to Liverpool players.

For me Luis Suarez was the one when I was a young age who gave you hope and belief that in any situation, any moment, any game something magical could happen. 

That is because well to put it simply he was one of the most magical, special players anyone has ever seen in a red shirt. In that 13/14 season he was by far the best player in the league and possibly the world. Luis Suarez's legacy in the Premier League, even without the league title, will last forever. 

Mo Salah, on the other hand, for Liverpool has the two biggest trophies to his name and also smashed all the records out of the park with his 44 goals in his first season. 

For Liverpool Salah has the unmatched consistency that Suarez didn’t; obviously the club was in a different position whilst Suarez was at the club and was very much a stepping stone. 

In a team of world class players, however, Mo Salah is the standout and the one that is relied upon to get the goals.

Also the hope and belief that I had when Suarez was stepping on the pitch, I now have with Salah as he has the trophies and the stats to prove that he is quite literally one of the greatest players to ever play for the club. So it has to be Salah over Suarez to me.

Vote: Mohamed Salah

Salah v Aston Villa (FAC)

LFC Transfer Room Verdict

Much like the debates on Twitter, this was a very contested argument and went came down to the final writer.

Mohamed Salah barely edged out the victory by a margin of three votes to two.

Mohamed Salah Crystal Palace

Whether you believe Luis Suarez or Mohamed Salah were the best player, there is truly no wrong answer.

Both players have had moments that will forever live on in Liverpool folklore and will be talked about for years to come.