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Who Are Liverpool's Top Five Penalty Takers?

Since England lost on penalties in the EUROs Finals, people have been discussing who would be their preferred top five penalty takers at the club.

The Reds have some very good penalty takers, from the veteran James Milner to youngsters such as Curtis Jones and Trent Alexander Arnold.

Liverpool also have some good and bad memories in penalty shootouts. The most memorable for every Liverpool fan is Istanbul. 

More recently we've had a mixed bag. 

The Reds most recent was last season in the League cup against Arsenal when Harry Wilson's penalty was saved.

With England losing the EUROs finals on penalties, a lot of fans have raised the question as to who we'd want to take the first five penalties if Liverpool were in a Champions League Final shootout. 

So today we've posed that question to some of our writers and they're going to give their top five takers and why they would want them in that order.

Matthew Woods

1. James Milner

2. Thiago

3. Curtis Jones

4. Fabinho

5. Mohamed Salah

It all comes down to past penalty experience when choosing who Liverpool should select for a shootout. 

For me, you need to have your best takers first and last. 

James Milner gets the go first for me as he is the clubs number one when it comes to pens. 

Mohamed Salah to be selected last as his recent record is exceptional from the spot for Liverpool. 

Second in line is Thiago Alcantara. 

Having veterans who have taken penalties on the big stage in previous European competitions is a major plus, and Thiago's stoic demeanor fits that spot well. 

Third in line, I'm going with Curtis Jones. 

This selection may get a little pushback, but Jones' penalty record is unflappable as well. 

Jones is 3/3 for the first team in shootouts thus far, even scoring the winner in that memorable EFL Cup tie against Arsenal in the 2019/2020 season. 

He's also been taking pens since with the youth team setup, and his record was solid there as well.

Fourth in line would be Fabinho for me. 

Fabinho is 2/2 in his shootout career with Liverpool thus far, but his past record proves he is quality from the spot. 

Those five would give me the most confidence in our next shootout for sure.

Charlie Webb

1. James Milner

2. Mohamed Salah

3. Thiago 

4. Fabinho

5. Trent Alexander-Arnold

Liverpool are blessed with a lot of technically good players and people who are very calm under pressure. 

I would trust most players in a Liverpool shirt to take a penalty and convert it.

My five players are based on people who have taken penalties for the country or for Liverpool/old clubs.

My number one taker, who should also be everyone else's number one taker, is James Milner. 

He is by far the most experienced and you can almost guarantee he is scoring if he's stood over a pen. 

Second is Mohamed Salah. 

The Egyptian has only missed one penalty for Liverpool and he has already scored two penalties where he had his country and the entire Liverpool fan base pressure on his shoulders.

At number three I've got Thiago. 

The Spaniard took a very cool penalty in the Spain v Italy game and he is just a great footballer with an amazing technique so I'd trust him to score one when it matters.

Number four is Fabinho. 

Even though the Brazilian missed his first ever penalty for Liverpool, it's hard to ignore the fact that his record for Monaco was flawless. 

He has clearly mastered the technique of penalty taking.

Finally we've got Trent Alexander- Arnold. 

Trent Alexander-Arnold

Trent has only taken one penalty for Liverpool and it was against Chelsea in the Super Cup where he scored it. 

He is also a wizard at set-pieces so a penalty is probably a piece of cake for the Scouser in our team. 

Priyasha Bhowmik

1. James Milner

2. Trent Alexander-Arnold

3. Thiago

4. Fabinho

5. Mohamed Salah

James Milner 

James Milner

Liverpool's ever reliable penalty taker( 21 scored out of 24), who, until 2020/21, was Liverpool's first choice spot kick technician. 

He doesn't know what pressure is, and you can always rely on him to get the ball at the back of the net. 

Him starting the shootout will boost everyone's confidence except, of course, the opposition. 

Trent Alexander-Arnold 


Alexander-Arnold has only scored four penalties in his professional career but the pinpoint accuracy of his passes does make one think how he could utilize that into becoming a good penalty taker. 

He has the composure and he has the technique. 

Thiago Alcantara 


With his former clubs and country, Thiago usually is a candidate during penalty shootouts. 

He is absolutely calm and cool on the ball, as we could see recently in Spain's shootout vs Italy in Euro 2020, and it will certainly not hurt to send him up to take a spot kick. 

Fabinho Tavares 

(Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images)

(Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images)

Fabinho is rarely seen taking a penalty at Liverpool,  but when he is asked to, he absolutely smashes it. 

He has scored 21/22 penalties penalties far, and he would be my choice for the fourth penalty taker. 

Mohamed Salah 

Salah Madrid

Of course, a familiar name to take the last and most important penalty. 

The Egyptian has scored a penalty in the Champions League Final in 2019 and also scored one in injury time in 2018 to send his country to the FIFA World Cup. 

His penalty technique might not be the most reassuring but the fact that he has not missed a penalty at Liverpool since 2017, his first one, ends any argument about who should be taking the final penalty.