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Liverpool. Manchester United. Jurgen Klopp. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer: How The Tables Have Turned


Looking at the differences between Liverpool and Manchester United and how Liverpool are now in the driving seat.

Another battle has finished and the dust is settling. Vision is starting to become clearer. We see it. Liverpool Football Club have turned the tables on their arch rivals Manchester United. 


Once the pinnacle of the Premier League, yesterday, Manchester United hit their lowest point of their time since it was introduced in 1992.

Growing up as a Liverpool fan I've had some good memories but it mainly consisted of watching Manchester United lifting Premier League after Premier League. 

Watching them win (sometimes deservedly, sometimes not) was hard to take. It was certainly made worse having grow up around their fans. 

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The endless banter. The trophyless seasons. The poor standard of players and managers at times. 

Fast forward to today and the tables have turned. It's Manchester United struggling with a poor manager and laughable players. It's Manchester United with the trophyless seasons. 

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It's Liverpool fans providing the endless banter. It's Liverpool with the world class manager with a team full of world class players that are winning trophies.

Champions League Trophy

Whats changed? A few things. The retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson. Not only did they lose the greatest manager from the last 30 years. Went with him 'Fergie time' and power over every referee (wish I was joking too).

Then came the owners. The Glazer family. Very much like Liverpool's owners, all they seem to care about is the club as a business and making money from it.

Big difference about them both is, FSG have appointed good footballing people underneath them. Whereas, the Glazers haven't. 

It could all turn around again at some point in the future. I'm wary of what happens when Jurgen Klopp leaves as it may expose how bad our owners really are. 

Having said that, it's a nice to be on top and watch Manchester United struggle. This is the best Liverpool team and manager I've ever seen in my life and right now, I'm making the most of it. 

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