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LFC Preseason: It’s almost time. See you soon in Thailand Jurgen and co

I am finally going to see Liverpool play live. I am off to Thailand to catch Liverpool on the first leg of their preseason tour. Liverpool takes on Manchester United at the Rajamangala Stadium on July 12th, and I will be there.

For me, Football is not about the destination, but about the journey. Every week, for 180 minutes I forget about the worries and tensions of life. The happiness and joy I have during that time are unmatched. Little did I know that a football match can affect my mood so much.

As a Liverpool fan from a few thousand miles away, most of my week goes into following the club and watching games online. Sometimes till the wee hours of the morning with work the next day. Connecting with fans on Twitter and wishing, hoping, praying that I can one day watch this squad play live.

Guess what!???! That day is here.

I am all packed and ready. My flight is about to take off and I just can’t wait any longer.

The fact that the squad and I land at the same time and on the same day has ensured that I have all my merchandise in my handbag. I mean, what if I meet the squad at immigration. The thought itself makes me dance and jump like a kid.

Many people have been telling me that this is just a pre-season friendly, but very few fans who live outside the United Kingdom will understand this feeling.

Many of you reading this almost must be wondering, what is wrong with this guy. But it’s a surreal feeling knowing that one of my dreams as a kid is about to come true.

I would have loved to be able to watch Steven Gerrard play, but that is a dream that will remain unfulfilled forever.

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Liverpool in Thailand

I have waited for over a decade to be able to be in the same zip code as the Liverpool football club squad. And now that I have the chance to do so, I will be witnessing one of the strongest football teams that has played for Liverpool, ever.

This squad has won six trophies, six major trophies. We have some of the best players in the world lining up in Liverpool Red and they are led by THE BEST FOOTBALL MANAGER in the world, Jurgen Klopp.

All I know is that I am going to be buzzing like crazy and riding this wave for as long as possible.

Fingers crossed, toes crossed – next destination – Anfield!

Stay tuned for more content from Thailand.

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