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Exclusive: 'Keep Your Best Player' - Former Chelsea Player Geremi on Mohamed Salah’s Contract Situation With Liverpool

In an exclusive interview with LFC Transfer Room, former Chelsea player Geremi has given his thoughts on Mohamed Salah's contract situation.

Liverpool fans are starting to worry as Mohamed Salah enters his final 18 months of his current contract.

The Egyptian has publicly stated that he has given the club his demands and he thinks they're reasonable.

Mohamed Salah

It seems like Salah and his agent won't be budgining on their request, leaving it in the hands of the owners and senior club members.

Speaking about the current situation, Cameroon and Chelsea star Geremi thinks that the club shouldn't even be thinking about not renewing Salah's contract.

Do you think Liverpool's hierarchy are making a big mistake not giving Mohamed Salah the contract he is asking for?

"I think as a club you have to keep your best player," said Geremi. 

"You have to keep them because those big players will go to a big club who want to sign them.

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"So for me, [if I was the] boss of one club, my best player, I would always protect their contract to keep them.

"There is a lot of advantages, first of all they play for you and they play well.

"And also, when you go to sign some other big players, they will be happy to join other big players. 

"So there are a lot of advantages to keeping big players at your clubs."

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