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Exclusive: Geremi Interview | AFCON, Mohamed Salah, Champions League, Newcastle & Joel Matip

Today we have an exclusive interview with former Chelsea, Newcastle and Real Madrid player Geremi as he discusses his former clubs, AFCON and Mohamed Salah!

Geremi is one of Cameroon's biggest legends. Winning AFCON twice and becoming his countries second highest appearance holder.

The Cameroonian also has had an illustrious career at club level. Including two Champions League titles and a La Liga with Real Madrid and two Premier League titles with Chelsea.


In our exclusive interview with him, Geremi gave us his thoughts and opinions on a lot of subjects. From the current AFCON tournament being held in his home country to Mohamed Salah's contract situation!

Here is the full interview with Geremi!

Why do Manchester City have the edge over Liverpool and your former club Chelsea this season?

"To be honest, we have to accept that Manchester City have a strong squad and they play very well," said Geremi.

"As you mentioned, they are 10 or 11 points ahead which is showing they are playing well and they want to win the title.

Liverpool Manchester City Anfield

"Which is normal because every big club has ambition at the beginning of the season.

"Chelsea are still there mathematically, they can still win [the Premier League]. They have to believe that everything is possible.

"Wait and see because from my experience, anything can happen."

AFCON is going on in your home country of Cameroon currently, who do you think will win it this year?

"First of all, we as Cameroonians are happy to host this big tournament. It is one of the biggest tournaments in the world," said Geremi.

"Our government has decided to make it one of the best AFCON's ever organised and I think we [Cameroon] are still there.

"Yes there is COVID but we are trying to take all the measurements and until now everything is going very well.

"Coming back to your question, who is going to be the favourites.

AFCON Trophy

"It is very difficult now to say who is going to be the favourites.

"We have a lot of surprises. When you look at all the nations involved there are a lot of nations who qualified for the first time but when you look at their performances it's unbelievable, which is very good for African football.

"Of course we can say some of the nations who will be the favourites. Usually it's the hosts, Cameroon, because they are the ones that organised it.

"Also there are still big names when you look at the rankings. I've watched some matches and Nigeria have a very good squad. Mali have a very strong squad. Morocco and Tunisia as well.

"For me it's very interesting because there are a lot of big contenders still in the tournament so we'll wait and see.

"I'm happy because the level is going up which is very good for the fans."

Former Cameroon and Liverpool Joel Matip is finally having an injury free season for the Reds, how important do you think he is to this Liverpool side?

"I'm happy for him as a player to not be injured because as a player when you have injuries you have to look what you eat or maybe you're not fit enough," said Geremi.

"I think he changed some things and that is why he is fit.

Joel Matip

"For the club having Joel Matip fit, it is a big bonus and he will for sure help the club to achieve what they are expecting.

"It is very good for Liverpool and also I'm happy because he's Cameroonian.

"And to Matip I wish him all the best to stay fit because when he's fit the club will have no problems."

Your former club Newcastle have made some new signings. They are still in a relegation battle this season but do you think they can avoid relegation with their business in January?

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"What I wish to them is to fight to try and stay in the Premiership because it will be easier for them to bring in big names. When you go down it's difficult to bring in them big names," said Geremi.

"For me I wish them all the best to stay. I think they still have time to bring in some more experienced players.

Amanda Staveley Eddie Howe Mehrdad Ghodoussi

"What I always say is to fight against relegation you need experienced players.

"There is a possibility when you look at the table that they can stay up and with the budget that they have they need to invest.

"They have the finances [to bring in players] for that. The goal for Eddie [Howe] it to keep the club in the Premiership."

There are a lot of top clubs still in the Champions League, including two of your former clubs Chelsea and Real Madrid. Who do you think will win it this season?

"Good question. When you look at the Champions league it is difficult to predict who will win it," said Geremi.

"There are a lot of big teams in every league [still in the competition]. In Spain, in Germany, in England and in France.

"It's very difficult to try and predict who will win. All these teams have the same potential, the squad, the finances, the managers, everything that the big clubs want.

Champions League Trophy

"Difficult to predict but of course my heart will go to my former teams because I played there.

"Watching Chelsea win the Champions League again, I will be very happy. Watching Real Madrid as well because I played there.

"I said to you that the clubs I played for I always watch them because I play there. Most of the time when my former clubs play I'm supporting them."

What are your expectations for Mohamed Salah this season? Do you think he could win the Ballon d'Or next season if he keeps his current form up?

"As an African, it is my wish and I hope that he continues to play at this form," said Geremi.

"When you look at his performances the last three years he is growing, growing and growing.

Mohamed Salah

"This year is fantastic. Hopefully he will continue like that because most of the time when you have a season like that, the only thing that can stop you is injuries.

"So I wish him all the best to avoid injuries and I think with his capabilities he will be able to perform well and for us Africans, we will be proud to have an African win the Ballon d'Or."

Do you think Liverpool's hierarchy are making a big mistake not giving Mohamed Salah the contract he is asking for?

"I think as a club you have to keep your best player," said Geremi.

"You have to keep them because those big players will go to a big club who want to sign them.

"So for me, [if I was the] boss of one club, my best player I would always protect their contract to keep them.

Mohamed Salah

"There are a lot of advantages, first of all they play for you and they play well.

"And also, when you go to sign some other big players, they will be happy to join other big players.

"So there is a lot of advantages to keeping big players at your clubs."

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