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Exclusive: Jose Enrique Interview | Mohamed Salah Contract, Luis Suarez, Steven Gerrard, Jordan Henderson & More

Today, we have an exclusive interview with former Liverpool defender Jose Enrique!

Jose Enrique played for Liverpool from 2011 until 2016, playing with some of the best Liverpool players of the Premier League era.

Enrique was also in the squad during the memorable 2013/14 Premier League season where Liverpool nearly won their first Premier League title.

Jose Enrique

Speaking to Charlie Webb in today's exclusive interview with LFC Transfer Room, Jose Enrique talks about some of his former Liverpool players, Mohamed Salah's contract debacle and more.

Here is our full transcribed interview with Jose Enrique!

You've played with some amazing Liverpool players, from Steven Gerrard to Luis Suarez, who was your favourite player you've played with and why?

"Obviously, you would always say Stevie G [Steven Gerrard] for the experience to play with Stevie and the legend that he is at the club," said Enrique.

"But, Luis Suarez definitely comes very close to Stevie G. I think Luis Saurez is the best player I've played with."

"If you ask me who was I happier to play with, it would probably be Stevie G, because he's Stevie G, what he means for Liverpool and I obviously support Liverpool and I've played there."

Vincent Kompany Luis Suarez

"I have a [good] relationship with Stevie, I see him on and off the field as well, he was incredible."

"The best player I've played with, and I always will say this, I still haven't seen any other Liverpool player in a Liverpool shirt like this, even if [Mohamed] Salah is incredible at the moment, it's Luis Suarez, definitely Luis."

You played with Luis Suarez and have watched Mohamed Salah avidly, how have both of them impacted Liverpool and who do you think is the best?

"Who is the best for me?" said Enrique. "I'll say Luis because I played with him, I don't see [Mohamed] Salah in training daily.

"I think Luis was in a worse team, it happens to Salah sometimes in this team that he is the one to carry the team but Luis Suarez, he would carry the whole team on his own.

"I didn't play with Salah, so I can't tell you this because I am someone that looks what they do in training and all of that. 

"You can see Salah is the same as well, you can see he's a very very professional guy.

"I believe it would be a 50/50 definitely because I didn't with play Salah, I wanted to go more with Suarez because I played with him.

Luis Suarez Mohamed Salah

"In terms of how they impact the club, you're talking about the best number nine in the world, in my opinion, that's why Barcelona signed him.

"Obviously, you're talking about the best player in the world right now, in my opinion, is Mohamed salah

"The kind of impact that these players have, I'm sure that players are feeling the same [about Salah] when I played with Luis.

"When you go to the game and you see Salah in front of you, you talk to him before the game and you say 'wow, today we definitely have a chance to win with this guy playing for us'. You know you're going to score because he's gonna score.  

"It's that feeling of you already having confidence, not in a bad way, in a way that you are very confident and say 'ok let's go for it' because I know if we have a chance or two, this guy will put them in, that's the feeling of having these type of players."

Who do you think Liverpool should sign next? Should they be investing in January or is waiting until summer fine? Also, what type of player should Liverpool be looking at?

"Definitely an attacker, definitely an attacker, it could be anyone. I've mentioned names before, I love [Alexander] Isak from Real Sociedad, Raphinha from Leeds as well. These kinds of players," said Enrique.

"To be honest, with the way Liverpool spend now, £60/£70million players is all very good, but they don't go to the £100million mark. 

"I understand that Liverpool is not the type of club like Manchester City or Chelsea that will spend this kind of money on a player.  

Alexander Isak Pedri

"But spending £60/£70million on a player, I believe they can. Isak, Raphinha, these kinds of players. More Isak because he's more versatile.

"We need more than the starting 11, we need to improve the squad in my opinion.

"I'll say this too, I've mentioned many players in the world, midfielders can improve as well because Gini has left and you don't have one to replace him.

"Right-back, Trent, you could have another substitute, like Tsimikas but on the right.

"There are many places that we can improve, but you ask me for one, definitely will be an attacker."

Who was the funniest Liverpool player you ever shared the dressing room with?

"I can tell you many, many players were really funny. Maxi Rodriguez, Luis Suarez, [Adam] Lallana was funny as well," said Enrique.

"There were many many players that were funny. Obviously, you have more serious players. [Jordan] Henderson for example, is funny but is more serious and professional.       

Jose Enrique Maxi Rodriguez Andy Carroll
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"It doesn't mean you're less professional if you're funny but they are different you know, you have different characters.

"I talked more to the people who spoke Spanish. I spoke to English people as well because my wife is English so I spoke with everyone.

"Kolo Toure for example was incredibly funny, [Mamadou] Sakho as well, very funny. So I cannot say one but definitely Maxi is up there."

Out of the two goals you scored for Liverpool, what was your favourite and why?

"There are not many options as you said. Obviously the one from the set play. I made the throw-in, that was the best goal," said Enrique.

Jose Enrique

"I did the throw-in, the set-up play between all of us, it was beautiful. Between [Daniel] Sturridge, [Luis] Suarez and myself. We did that very good play between us. So definitely that one.

With your former teammate Steven Gerrard now managing Aston Villa, what do you think of his business so far and do you think he'll achieve a lot with this Villa side? Also, is he destined for Liverpool one day?

"I think he will become a Liverpool manager one day," said Enrique. "I definitely do because I can see a world-class manager. 

"You can see the personality, the way he approaches the game, the way he finds players, the way [Aston] Villa play. 

"For me, he's doing a great job and it's good because Aston Villa is trusting him, which is very difficult in the early days with the signings.

"Without him, players like Coutinho and Lucas Digne probably wouldn't have signed for this club. Even if Villa are a big club in England, I don't think Coutinho would have joined Aston Villa if it wasn't for Stevie G.

Steven Gerrard

"So having someone like this, helping make players of that calibre join the club [is good]. Stevie says as well, for the players already at Villa, you see Coutinho coming into your team, you go like 'wow, I want to stay here, I want to keep growing the club'.

"I believe he is doing really well, the way he's playing and, even at Rangers and now at Aston Villa, the way he is tactical and the way he plays, it's very similar to Liverpool in that way.

"He likes high pressure, intensity, he loves that like he used to have when he played. I really like it because the most difficult thing in football for a manager is to implement your style to your players and the players follow, every single player, that's the most difficult thing, and he's done that at Aston Villa.

"I think he is going to become Liverpool manager one day, 100%, but I hope he doesn't for a very long time because that means [Jurgen] Klopp will stay at the club for a very long time."

Did you know what type of player and how instrumental Jordan Henderson would be when he signed for Liverpool?

"From the first day? No, definitely not. I didn't know him, I knew he played for Sunderland but I didn't know his style of play," said Enrique.

"When he arrived at the club he was criticised by many Liverpool fans because they put a lot of pressure on him in my opinion because they were looking at, 'is he the replacement of Stevie G. Stevie G is Stevie G and you're Jordan Henderson', they're two different players.

"They both have achieved so much with the club. Everyone has their own name and they have to make their own history with the club.

Jordan Henderson Steven Gerrard

"I think he had a lot of pressure but he managed well and I loved it because Stevie G knew as soon as he saw him. Stevie G was the first one that believed in Hendo, that he was going to become this [player] and support him.

"Obviously, when Stevie G saw him, we started to see Hendo more, from the first day he stayed after training, he was one of the first to arrive for the training sessions. 

"You could see with hard work that it was going to pay off and it did and it's very well deserved because on the field I see a lot of Stevie G in terms of personality-wise, but they are two completely different types of players.

"I love that Stevie knew Hendo was the right person to become the new captain of the club and he wasn't wrong."

Do you think the owners are making a mistake not signing Mohamed Salah and do you think he will sign? 

"I hope so, I hope so. To be honest, I don't know what we are doing, what the owners are doing because I don't think it has anything to do with the manager because if you ask [Jurgen] Klopp what he wants he will make it clear," said Enrique.

"Mo Salah doesn't have any replacement in the world, doesn't matter how much you pay, you have the player there and he's happy, he's adapted to the play, doing really well for the club and won titles. 

"I'll give my feeling what it [not signing salah] could be. Increasing Salah's salary a lot means other players ask for more money as well but this is football, all the big clubs are doing it and if I was a player of Liverpool and doing really well, you want an increase in your wages at some point.  

Mohamed Salah

"But you would understand that Salah is the one who earns the most money at the club because he is the best player. Simple as that.

"So I don't really understand why they are not sorting it yet and as you said, the later it takes the worse the situation is going to get because even if Salah wants to stay, there will be many clubs knocking at the door.

"Even if he wants to stay, if you don't feel appreciated by the club, even if the fans love him and he feels appreciated by the fans and the manager and the city, I think he is very happy but obviously, if the owners don't feel the same, maybe you have to go somewhere else.

"I hope it's not like that but I believe it will be the last thing for these owners if they don't renew Mo Salah, in my opinion." 

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