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Exclusive: ‘I Don’t Understand Why They Are Not Sorting It’ - Jose Enrique on Mohamed Salah’s Liverpool Contract Situation

Former Liverpool left-back Jose Enrique has spoken about the current contract situation between Mohamed Salah and FSG.

Liverpool fans have been begging FSG and the Anfield hierarchy to give Mohamed Salah a new contract.

Mohamed Salah

However, it's not just the fans who want the Egyptian tied down to a new deal. Former Liverpool defender Jose Enrique also wants Salah to be given a new deal.

In an exclusive interview, the former Liverpool left-back has said how this could be the last straw for FSG if they don't give Salah a new deal.

Do you think the owners are making a mistake not signing Mohamed Salah and do you think he will sign?

"I hope so, I hope so. To be honest, I don't know what we are doing, what the owners are doing because I don't think it has anything to do with the manager because if you ask [Jurgen] Klopp what he wants he will make it clear," said Enrique.

"Mo Salah doesn't have any replacement in the world, doesn't matter how much you pay, you have the player there and he's happy, he's adapted to the play, doing really well for the club and won titles.

"I'll give my feeling what it [not signing salah] could be. Increasing Salah's salary a lot means other players ask for more money as well but this is football, all the big clubs are doing it and if I was a player of Liverpool and doing really well, you want an increase in your wages at some point.

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"But you would understand that Salah is the one who earns the most money at the club because he is the best player. Simple as that.

"So I don't really understand why they are not sorting it yet and as you said, the later it takes the worse the situation is going to get because even if Salah wants to stay, there will be many clubs knocking at the door.

"Even if he wants to stay, if you don't feel appreciated by the club, even if the fans love him and he feels appreciated by the fans and the manager and the city, I think he is very happy but obviously, if the owners don't feel the same, maybe you have to go somewhere else.

"I hope it's not like that but I believe it will be the last thing for these owners if they don't renew Mo Salah, in my opinion." 

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