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Exclusive: 'Kolo Toure Was Incredibly Funny' - Jose Enrique on Who the Funniest Person He Played With at Liverpool

Liverpool have had a lot of characters over the years and in a recent exclusive interview, Jose Enrique has said who the funniest was.

Andy Robertson and James Milner are known in the current Liverpool team for being able to have a good laugh.

Other players over the years have also been a great laugh on and off the pitch.

Jose Enrique Maxi Rodriguez Andy Carroll

In a recent exclusive interview with LFC Transfer Room, Jose Enrique has told us the funniest player he ever shared the dressing room with.

Who was the funniest Liverpool player you ever shared the dressing room with?

"I can tell you many, many players were really funny. Maxi Rodriguez, Luis Suarez, [Adam] Lallana was funny as well," said Enrique.

"There were many many players that were funny. Obviously, you have more serious players. [Jordan] Henderson for example, is funny but is more serious and professional.

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"It doesn't mean you're less professional if you're funny but they are different you know, you have different characters.

"I talked more to the people who spoke Spanish. I spoke to English people as well because my wife is English so I spoke with everyone.

"Kolo Toure for example was incredibly funny, [Mamadou] Sakho as well, very funny. So I cannot say one but definitely Maxi is up there."

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