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Leicester City Legend And BBC Pundit Gary Lineker Says Liverpool's Trent Alexander-Arnold Could Be Like Andrea Pirlo For England


Match of the Day pundit Gary Lineker likes the idea of Trent Alexander-Arnold at centre midfield for England.

Trent Alexander-Arnold is known as one of the best right-backs in the world but Gary Lineker thinks he would be just as good in midfield. 

Trent Alexander-Arnold Crystal Palace

The former Leicester City striker also stated that Alexander-Arnold would be England's answer to Andrea Pirlo. 

This is what Lineker had to say:

His passing range is extraordinary. I think Andrea Pirlo said that the one thing missing from England is a player like Pirlo, and I think he (Alexander-Arnold) could be that. But I might be wrong.” 

"It was interesting to see Gareth (Southgate) try it for one game, and he was good. He needs more time in that position, but it's difficult if the club manager is never going to play him there."

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Author Verdict 

If Trent can't get in England's team over Kyle Walker or Kieran Trippier at right-back then he should not bother answering the phone to Southgate. He doesn't deserve his services. 

Trent Alexander-Arnold's passing range is incredible and that's an understatement. However, playing in midfield is a completely different role to passing from right-back. 

Alexander-Arnold can see the whole pitch from right-back and has everything in front of him. Playing centre midfield, he would have to turn get the ball off the defence and be able to cope with more pressure.

He could have the capability to do it but if he did, I think it would have to start doing it at Liverpool first. 

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