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'It's Gerrard-Esque' Former Liverpool And Holland Forward Dirk Kuyt Compares Trent Alexander-Arnold To Steven Gerrard

Ex-Liverpool winger Dirk Kuyt compares Trent Alexander-Arnold's passing to former captain and now Aston Villa boss Steven Gerrard. Alexander-Arnold added yet another assist to impressive tally in yesterday's 4-0 thrashing of Southampton.

The Liverpool and England right-back is known as the 'Assist King' for a reason, his passing ability is exceptional, which allows him to control a match from a defensive position. 

Trent Alexander-Arnold

The way Jurgen Klopp's Liverpool play relies on creativity from the full-back positions, which plays into the defenders hands. Despite being undeservedly overlooked by England manager Gareth Southgate, Alexander-Arnold's performances have made him arguably the best right-back in the world.

"His delivery is a forward player’s dream. It’s Gerrard-esque. When Gerrard passed you the ball, it didn't matter what distance, he played the ball wherever he wanted – and the same with Trent. It's great to have a player like him in your team.

Speaking in a Q&A for his new column on the Liverpool website, Kuyt compared the generational talent that is Trent Alexander-Arnold to his former team-mate and Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard.

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“He's a defender playing like an attacker. But also defensively when Liverpool lose the ball, his role in the team is very important because he’s able to press so high. Defenders love defending like that.

“It's not easy to defend like Liverpool, defending very high up the pitch, but when you press well, it's easy – and especially with players like Trent.”

People forget how young Trent is as he has been doing it for years. This lad deserves all the praise coming to him, he is (whether rivals like it or not) thee best right-back in the world.

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