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'Even The Best Players Need To Adapt' - Dirk Kuyt On The Form Of Liverpool Midfielder Thiago

Former Liverpool player Dirk Kuyt has been speaking about the recent form of midfielder Thiago and how he needed time to fully understand the requirements of his role in the team.

Since returning from injury, Thiago has been in impressive form scoring a world class goal against Porto in midweek before following that up with another goal against Southampton on Saturday.


Kuyt - 'Even The Best Players Need Time To Adapt'

Kuy was speaking in his column on when he claimed that the 30 year old is one of the best midfielders in the world but needed time to adapt to his role at Liverpool.

"I consider Thiago to be one of the best midfielders in the world, and unfortunately I never got the chance to come up against him during my career. I think I just missed him.

"However, I was so happy when he signed for Liverpool in September 2020.

"The Premier League is a league of its own, though. It doesn't matter what player you are and what you've done before, you always need a little bit of time. The tempo and physicality of it is very tough and very high, so even the best players need to adapt.

"What I saw in the beginning of Thiago's Liverpool career was that he wasn't totally used to pressing immediately when his team lost the ball, and that midfielders were so quick on him when he did have the ball."

"But now see you're seeing him at home in the Premier League and this Liverpool team. His display against Southampton on Saturday was another example of that."

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Kuyt On Thiago's Recent Form

The former Dutch international believes that Thiago has now made the successful transition and Liverpool are seeing the benefits.

"Just watching his goal on the weekend and a few other moments, he's pressing really high when Liverpool lose the ball and understanding exactly what the team does. He's improved a lot in that and does these kind of things very well. He's really important on and off the ball at the moment.

"His biggest quality is his creativity, but you didn't have to show that to anybody before he came to Liverpool. But as a player, when other things aren't clicking 100 per cent, because you need time to adapt and everything, you never really feel entirely comfortable.

"But as you see now, he's adapting really well and you see the qualities he showed at Barcelona and Bayern Munich, as well as becoming an even more complete player.

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