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Fabinho Says Liverpool Don't Need to Replace Wijnaldum

Liverpool are yet to replace Gini Wijnaldum and Fabinho seems to think that we don't need to.

Gini Wijnaldum leaving Liverpool will no doubt have an impact on next season, purely due to the fact that he never got injured and was always available.

A lot of Liverpool's midfielders have had small niggly injuries due to how intense Jurgen Klopp makes his midfielders work.

Fabinho Robertson

There have been reports of Saul Nigez potentially replacing him but the links have gone quiet and it seems like it's not going to happen.

However, not everyone thinks that Wijnaldum needs replacing this summer.

In a recent interview, Fabinho said that Liverpool have more than enough cover for him and this squad is good enough that they don't have to dip into the transfer market.

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Fabinho Wijnaldum

“This Liverpool squad has already won the Premier League, the Champions League, some important trophies. We have already shown what we are capable of. We don’t pay attention to the other teams.” Said Fabinho.

“We will be strong and they will be strong as well. Hopefully we will be a bit stronger. We don’t pay too much attention to the other teams, we just focus on us and working hard to be in the best way as possible.

Fabinho Thiago Salah

“Our squad has already shown we have good players to replace him [Wijnaldum]. I think the midfield is the part of the team where we have more players – we have Hendo, me, Thiago, Curtis, Millie, Naby Keita, a lot of players who can play in this position.”

I think most Liverpool fans would disagree with Fabinho here but he's the main guy in Liverpools midfield now so maybe he's right, who knows.