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Former Liverpool Physio Gives Prediction On Harvey Elliott Return

Former Liverpool physio Matt Konopinski has had his say on how long Harvey Elliott could be injured for.

Speaking to The Athletic, the physio who worked with the Reds for ten years believes there are several caveats as to whether he'll return sooner than expected.

“The key thing to consider with this sort of injury is that it’s different for every player. There are a lot of intricacies around it.

“It’s the same with a ruptured ACL, for example,” he continues. “That’s why the timescales vary for different players. No two fracture-dislocations are the same. It depends on what’s happened to the structures around the injury.

“We don’t know what ligaments associated with that area Harvey injured. Typically, with an injury like this, if the fibula is damaged I would suspect some associated ligament damage due to the forces and mechanism involved.

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“The likelihood is a syndesmosis injury, which refers to a collection of ligaments around the ankle joint. But I am hypothesising. It’s pretty clear from where he’s at currently that it wasn’t an open fracture or fractured tibia, which is the second biggest bone in the body.

“The fibula is a smaller bone and there’s less weight-bearing associated with it. Consider the bone as a soft tissue structure and the healing timeframes for the bone and ligaments would be similar in this instance.”

Elliott has been out for 12 weeks since his Leeds injury, but could be in line for a return to full training in January.

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