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'I Think He Did Stop It Short' - Ex FIFA Official Claims Michael Oliver Stopped Manchester City & Aston Villa Premier League Clash Early

Former FIFA official and retired Premier League referee Keith Hackett has criticised Michael Oliver for calling a halt to the title-defining match between Manchester and Aston Villa early on Sunday.

Michael Oliver

In an incredible game, City overturned a two-goal deficit to retain the title but after keeper Ederson spent time down injured in stoppage time, Hackett told Football Insider more time should have been played.

“I think he did stop it short. Everyone watching on television knew that was the case.

“Sometimes referees have got to be given credit for using a bit of common sense. If the game is over and it is not going to impact on the result it may be best to get the players off."

Hackett went on to say that he thinks football will eventually move to a model where there are independent timekeepers.

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“But that wasn’t the case here. I think it is another nail in the current protocol as we move towards what I consider to be independent timekeepers.

“The timing of football matters should be taken away from the referee completely. It should be like boxing or hockey.

“There should be a big clock in the stadium so that we as fans know that we are getting the appropriate amount of time.”

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