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‘If You Want to Maintain the Fight on All Fronts, the Implementation of This Is Just Another Weapon in the Arsenal to Keep Players Fit and Available.’ - Medical Expert Salutes Liverpool’s Use of ZONE7

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Liverpool began using zone7 artificial intelligence software at the start of last season, with the aim to assist in analysing players injury's and spotting them early. Liverpool's injury record improved massively last year, leading to the partnership being extended for a further three seasons.

In order to become the most successful side possible, fine margins are vitally important in elite football. Zone7 is a cutting-edge artificial intelligence software that aids Liverpool's backroom team in order to spot issues before they become a serious problem.

An example of the technology in full flow would be that of Curtis Jones, who Klopp revealed was desperate to play in the friendly at Anfield last weekend, but was told this was not possible due to an unknown knock by the club's medical department. Jones has now been ruled out for 2-4 weeks.

Curtis Jones

Speaking exclusively to Football Insider medical expert Ben Dinnery has saluted Liverpool for implementing the software into their game “Availability is keyIt doesn’t matter which players you have, if they are not available then they are dead weight.

“By implementing this AI technology through Zone7, that works alongside the backroom staff. AI isn’t going to replace the backroom staff, who have done excellent work.

“Instead it is going to work to offer them insights and context so Liverpool can make informed decisions. When you are working with a budget that isn’t as big as some in the Premier League, you need to keep the core nucleus of players together.

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“If you want to maintain the fight on all fronts, the implementation of this is just another weapon in the arsenal to keep players fit and available."

Dinnery added that the cost of the software is irrelevant “How do you weigh up the cost and reward? If the technology helps keep Salah on the pitch for two, three or four more games across the course of the season and he contributes X numbers of goals and assists, it’s an absolute no-brainer.

“Liverpool are at the cutting edge of implementing new technologies. This is all about trying to ensure players are fit, healthy and stay that way.

“It isn’t just about flagging players who are at risk of injury, it also helps identify how those players are performing.

“It will tell them when to ease back on their training load and when they maybe need to increase it to help them keep performing on the pitch.”

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