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Interview With Liverpool Head South American Scout

As the transfer window starts hotting up, we decided to revisit one of our memorable interviews with Liverpool Chief South American Scout Fernando Troiani.

We are more than a month-in in what seemed to be one of the must frustrating transfer windows for Liverpool. A lack of incomings has a lot of supporters questioning the ambitions of the club.

Although it is no secret that the Reds need to sell a number of players before actually purchasing new prospects, the rumours have not stopped, and every day there is a new link and a new player 'eyed' by Jurgen Klopp and his staff.

That is why we decided to revisit an interview we did with Liverpool's Head South American Scout Fernando Troiani a few years back when he visited Ecuador.

Troiani told us about his recruitment process, the types of players he looks for, as well as what aspects of the game he is more attentive of.

His insight gives us an idea into what do scouts usually look for in players, as well as what type of standards Liverpool and Klopp require their scouts to look for.

Fernando Troiani Interview


How do you like Ecuador?

"Ecuador is a wonderful place! I really enjoy coming here, although the temperature can get really hot, especially in a city like Guayaquil."

What teams are you most excited to watch, or who has attracted you the most?

"Well I was fortunate to talk to Carlos Alejandro Moreno who is the Sports Vice President [Now President] here in Barcelona SC, he and his team were kind enough to invite me to watch their players and their development. Ecuador has some great football but most essentially I come to watch Barcelona and Independiente del Valle."

After being here for a few days already, what is your assessment of Barcelona and Independiente? In Ecuadorian Football in general?

Well, currently I was told that Barcelona is going through some tough times [financial wise at the time], but it is impressive to see how well they are doing in the league. Barcelona is really close on winning the title, and Independente is having an amazing run so far in the Copa Libertadores [Copa Libertadores Finalist in 2016]. So that is something that has really attracted me. Especially the situation that Independiente came from, coming from lower leagues.”

Did you came here to watch a certain player in general? or is there someone that has attracted you the most?

“Well so far I have witnessed some amazing players. The likes of Anderson Ordonez, Washington Vera, Gonzalo Moreno, Jr Sornoza, Jefferson Orejuela. I can’t give you all the names because there's so many players I watch [When scouting].”

Are you mostly scouting players from the first teams?

"No, not at all. Every time I come here I make sure to take a look as many players as I can. From the first team to the reserves, to even their Academy."

You mentioned earlier that the weather is really hot here, does this affect in any way on the player that you look for?

"Yes of course! i need to see if players are able to adapt to different situations and environments."

What specifically do you look for in players when you come to places like this?

"I want to make sure that players can deal in a higher level, players from Ecuador are different from Colombians, Argentinian footballers. Thats why I need to make sure that I look at every aspect of their games and how well they can adapt."

Whats the main trait you look for in these type of matches (Barcelona vs Independiente at the time)? And how can players shine for you in order to take them [On trial or recommend them to Klopp]?

"It's really up to the players, they need to show full potential, and shine with their abilities. but mainly I concern on Endurance. Football plays a big part of a footballer, but when watching players in another country I have to make sure I look at the fitness. Because no matter how good a player is, or how technical his ability is, if he can not cope with the level of the fitness of football in Europe or England, It is no help for us."

What is your goal when you take players on trials?

Well the main thing is to make sure they can help the team, weather is on an Academy level or on a first team level. But after that I want to make sure they can get to their full potential, that way not only they can benefit Liverpool but they can also be beneficial for their countries and succeed in an International Level.

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