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Jurgen Klopp Backs Five Subs Notion As Talk Regarding Players Welfare Continues To Be Debated

As players welfare has come to the forefront in recent weeks, Premier League managers reveal their support in bringing 5 substitutes back to the league. During his pre-match press conference, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp shows no hesitation in showing his backing for the notion.

The scheduling of football fixtures and in busy Christmas schedule has been the main talking point in the last few week. The new Omicron variant outbreak in the UK has put more pressure on the Premier League to prioritise players' health.

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Last year, during the behind close doors matches in the Premier League introduced the rule of having the opportunity to make 5 substitutions instead of 3. 

The spread of the Omicron variant of Covid-19 has disrupted the entire pyramid of football in England, forcing majority of matches to be postponed. 

In a fixture list which is becoming more and more compact with added games every single year, players are being expected to play so many games in such little time, with hardly any rest.

Speaking in his pre-match press conference for the match against Leicester City tomorrow, Jurgen Klopp has backed the notion of bringing five substitutes back into the Premier League to help keep players fit and ready for each match.

"I would be in favour, yes. This intensity for a top class footballer in England is definitely at the edge. You need 14 Premier League clubs to change it - that is wrong. Not all teams play the same number of games.

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"It's decided by other teams. That is a real problem - bringing players back after injuries or infections . They have to play immediately, then they go out again, it's a real problem."

Klopp on the future of the squad:

"I am very happy about the future - we are really thankful to the academy that they produce these kinds of guys. They are not only great footballers but good boys as well - well educated. It is really positive." #awlive [lfc]

Klopp: "The first half against Leicester didn't really work out and that is my fault - we wanted more experience in the second half. We needed the 95th minute to score the equaliser and we were lucky we had it!"

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