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Liverpool Urged To Sign Premier League Wonder To Give Mohamed Salah The Competition He Needs

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In recent transfer windows, Liverpool have proven that bringing in players to fight for positions has nothing but a positive impact. However, one player has never felt anyone breathe down his neck. Mohamed Salah. 

The Egyptian King's Liverpool career has risen from great to greatness. He has developed into one of the best players in the world, if not thee best with the form he produced before January. 

Mohamed Salah

However, whilst his fellow forwards Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino have faced tough competition, Salah hasn’t had anyone pushing for his place. Liverpool’s star winger dropped off in performances since returning from AFCONball-playing but remained in the team due to no replacement available. 

There is no question, Mohamed Salah is among the elite in the world, but even the elite need a reminder that they aren’t irreplaceable. Former Reds striker Stan Collymore believes Salah needs a backup player, keeping him on his toes. 

“If Jurgen Klopp can show the boy how to play with more tactical discipline, the Reds will have one hell of a potential threat down the left or right with a promise of goals if he stays high up the pitch rather than drifting. 

"If you’re looking at Klopp and what he has done with Salah and Sadio Mane then he could do the same with Raphinha.

“What was Mane’s tactical awareness like when he arrived at Liverpool? And you could ask the same question about Salah. 

"Yes, he scored goals with Roma and he has that outrageous pace, but he still needed polishing to become an even better goalscorer in the Premier League. 

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"With Salah in the last year of his contract — and there’s nothing for now saying he is going to stay and nothing saying he is going to go — you wonder if Klopp’s uncanny knack of working with gifted sidemen might appeal to Raphinha.


The former Liverpool and Aston Villa striker, via Liverpool Echo, states that Leeds United's Raphinha should be the player for Jurgen Klopp to make Salah's competition. 

“And if Liverpool, on the back of good business with Darwin Nunez and Fabio Carvalho, were to get Raphinha and tell him to watch Salah for the next year, not only will he learn but it would also put Mo under a nice bit of pressure to make him think, ‘Am I going to stay or am I going to go?’ 

"Nobody is comparing Raphinha to Salah because you can’t compare anyone to Salah.

“But he has rapid pace, amazing skills and ability, and he can be polished to score more goals and get more assists. If Klopp can do that then, all of a sudden, by this time next year, Liverpool could have an all-new front three and it will be as if people have blinked and not even noticed, which would be amazing.”

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