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Jordan Henderson Explains Why Liverpool are Still Going to be Taking the Knee

Liverpool were joined by every other Premier League club in taking a knee against racism last season and they will continue doing it next season.

Jordan Henderson has been a national hero during the coronavirus pandemic. He was the captain who rallied all the other league captain to donation a percentage of their weekly salary to key workers.

He has also been a voice for Liverpool and other players during the ongoing racism issues that people are facing in Football and the world.

Mohamed Salah

Today, he confirmed that his Liverpool team will continue to take the knee ahead of the 2021/21 season.

When asked why they have decided to continue doing it, Henderson had this to say: “It is very simple – we are protesting against racism.

“The question should no longer be why are we doing it, it should be why wouldn’t we? This is a necessary response to a problem that we know exists and which we also know should not be happening.

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Jurgen Klopp

“So I’m proud of my teammates when we take the knee and I also couldn’t have been prouder to be captain of this club when our supporters applauded us as we did so.

“It is only by doing what is right and coming together that we can achieve positive change and it is in this spirit that we will carry on taking the knee.”

It also looks like other Premier League clubs will be following suit in continuing to take the knee next season.

Sadio Mane

This is a great gesture by Liverpool and other Premier League club, they are showing that the racism faced by today's society won't be forgotten because it's not 'trending' anymore. 

Hopefully this will help people be more aware of what they say online and just in general. Well done Jordan Henderson and Liverpool