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Michael Owen's Shocking Truth After Leaving Real Madrid For Newcastle Instead Of Liverpool

Michael Owen has revealed the shocking truth behind the transfer from Real Madrid to Newcastle United instead of a return to Liverpool.
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Real Madrid have had some incredible teams in the past but what they created in the early 00s was one of the very best. 

The 'Galacticos' were made up of some of the greatest footballers in the game as seen. Ronaldo, Luis Figo, and Zinedine Zidane among others. The Spanish giants shopped at the biggest clubs in the world to create their dream team. 

Liverpool’s Michael Owen was a player the La Liga club admired for years and made a move for the Chester-born striker in 2004. Setting the world alight from the age of 17, every football fan was in awe of what they were witnessing. 

Michael Owen, Steven Gerrard, League Cup

From his incredible solo effort against Argentina in the 1998 World Cup to beating Arsenal by himself in the FA Cup Final, Owen created so many magical moments at such a young age. 

This caught the eye of the biggest club in the world Real Madrid, buying him from Liverpool in 2004. However, the forward only stayed for a year until he was on the move again. 

Not Liverpool?

Speaking to BT Sport, Owen claimed that he thought his old club had put in an offer for him, so he told Madrid that he wanted to join back with The Reds. In fact,Post-Match it was Newcastle United that were willing to pay the price for his services. 

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The former Red stated that he didn’t want to leave Madrid unless it was for a move back to Anfield, however, had to settle with a move further up North. 

“They want to buy me back. I am going home.”

His career from then on went downhill, with a serious injury hindering his time back in the Premier League

Despite wanting to re-join Liverpool, Owen ended up transferring to arch-rivals Manchester United, losing all respect from the fans that once adored him. 

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