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'His Hand Gets Stronger' The Athletic Journalist James Pearce On Mohamed Salah's New Contract After Liverpool's 5-0 Win Against Manchester United

Athletic journalist James Pearce says Mohamed Salah's case for a new contract is getting stronger by the game. 

After a scintillating 5-0 victory over Manchester United at Old Trafford. All eyes are back on Mohamed Salah's contract situation. 

Mohamed Salah

The 'Egyptian King' put in another world class performance as he comes away with the match ball against Liverpool's fiercest rivals. 

Speaking after the game in his fan interaction with The Athletic, James Pearce says after every fantastic performance Mohamed Salah puts in, the more chance the new contract will happen.

"His hand gets stronger with every awe-inspiring performance! I'm still confident it will get sorted. You can see how much he loves playing for this club." 

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Authored Verdict 

The contract should be offered anyway, even if Salah didn't play well today. He has already done enough to be given a new contract. 

It's so good to hear that James Pearce is becoming more confident about the situation. Working for The Athletic means James sees what happens at Liverpool more closely. 

What he has said is music to Liverpool fans' ears and he wouldn't say it if he didnt mean it knowing the following he has.

Said it before, all on FSG and John Henry now. Mo Salah has stated what he wants and it's all on the club to deliver that. 

You put in the work, you get rewarded. That's the saying. Guess what FSG? Mohamed Salah has certainly put in the work. The time has come to reward that work. 

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