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'They Care About Everything' - Claudio Taffarel On Life At Liverpool

At the end of last year, Jurgen Klopp made what seemed like a shock move at the time in bringing in another goalkeeper coach, Brazilian legend, Claudio Taffarel.

It was an unexpected move but the World Cup winner, who works with Alisson as part of the Brazilian national team, was brought in to bolster the goalkeeping coaching team.

Head keeper coach John Achterberg explained how Taffarel has added fresh ideas and flexibility to the goalkeeping department allowing them to focus on all the required  aspects for all the keepers.

Claudio Taffarel

Speaking to, Taffarel told them that the move for him has been even better than he could have imagined.

“When we came here, I knew it would be very good for me and for my career. But now I am here, I feel even better than I thought I would.” 

“It is so nice. It’s such a big club and all the history is unbelievable. It’s really, really good."

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As have others commented before him, Taffarel confirmed how helpful and nice people working at the club and in the local community are.

“I thought that maybe because it is such a big club they would not be interested in the small things, the small details, but I was wrong!

“They are interested in everything: making you feel comfortable at home, asking if you need something. Everything, they care about everything, so this is very, very good. They have people who can help you at any time and in any situation. This makes you feel comfortable.

“I cannot speak very good English but people at the club support me so much, and also people outside the club too: in the street, in the supermarket. People are very kind and they want to help, they want you to feel good. It’s very nice for us here."

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