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'I'm Really Happy to be Seen as one of the Best In Some People's Eyes' - Virgil van Dijk on being Labelled the Best Defender in the World

Virgil van Dijk currently holds the title of the best defender in the world and he's recently spoke about it.

Since signing Virgil van Dijk for £75million from Southampton, Liverpool have went from a defensive disaster to the best defence in the world.

The big Dutchman just seems to make everyone around his a better player, from revitalising Joel Matip's career to making Dejan Lovren look amazing. Virgil can do anything.

Him finishing 2nd in the Balon D'or behind Lionel Messi after Liverpool won the Champions League solidifies his place as one of the best defenders of our generation.

Virgil van Dijk Sadio Mane

Even though he's only been playing at Liverpool for a few seasons, Virgil has probably already gone down as one of Liverpool's best centre-backs ever. He's also gone down as one of the best CB's in the Premier League period.

It seems like every week Manchester United fans are trying to compare him to Nemanja Vidic or Rio Ferdinand to try and prove they were better.

Most Liverpool really don't care and they're just happy to see the 'colossal' play at Anfield week in week out.

Virgil van Dijk

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However, in a recent interview the big man himself, Virgil van Dijk, was asked what he thought about being labelled 'the best defender in the world'.

"It's nice to hear these opinions but they are opinions." said Virgil. I'm really happy to be seen as one of the best in some people's eyes. It makes me proud."

Hopefully he can keep that label for years to come!

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