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‘You Need a Bit of Luck’ - Virgil Van Dijk on Liverpool & Manchester City During December

Virgil van Dijk has recently spoken about Liverpool and Manchester City's Premier League season and how COVID & injuries have affected both sides.

Liverpool have been hit really hard this season. Firstly by injuries and more recently by COVID-19 outbreaks.

Virgil van Dijk

Manchester City have been fortunate enough to not suffer much from injuries or COVID and in a recent interview, Virgil van Dijk explained how it affected Liverpool during December.

“City got through the month of December particularly well. They had few injuries and few corona cases and that helps enormously," said Virgil.

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“A small example is that me, Fabinho and Thiago all tested positive for covid at the same time, three players who are important to the team. 

"A big club like Liverpool still has good quality players, but the rhythm and dynamics of the team changes at such a time.

 “There are still so many games to play - but you also need a bit of luck at this stage.”

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