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Manchester United v Liverpool: Ref Watch - Anthony Taylor


This week's ref watch is Anyhony Taylor, who was the man in the middle of football's biggest match, Manchester United v Liverpool. 

This fixture is usually full of drama and controversy and yesterday's game lived up to the expectations. 

We delve into the most notable refereeing decisions in the game and whether they were correct or incorrect. 

Cristiano Ronaldo Foul On Curtis Jones

With his side being 3-0 down before half-time. Cristiano Ronaldo decided to take his frustration out on Liverpool midfielder Curtis Jones.

This sparked both teams to come together with pushing and shoving. Ronaldo ended just receiving a yellow card from Anthony Taylor. 

For me, a yellow is kind. Although he did kick the ball, his intention was not just kicking the ball. He's lucky the ball was there really because he could've done some damage.

Anthony Taylor and VAR got this wrong for me. Red card shouldve been awarded.

Correct Decison? No 

Bruno Fernandes Foul On Curtis Jones

Another reckless foul out of frustration. Another yellow card which could easily have been a red.

Manchester United players were rattled and the way they tried to just foul the Liverpool players was just disgusting and needs to be called out. 

Bruno Fernandes is a passionate player but he let the occasion get to him yesterday. Stoods up and was lucky not to seriously injure him.

Correct Decison? No 

Harry Maguire Foul On Diogo Jota

Edge of the box but I'm I do think there was enough cover there from stopping it being a red card. 

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Wasn't reckless, just a bad challenge. Yellow the correct call.

Correct decision? Yes

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Paul Pogba Foul On Naby Keita

Disgusting.  Paul Pogba walked on that pitch not happy with Ole, not happy with the match and not happy with his situation.

He made a reckless tackle on Naby Keita because he was unhappy. We don't know how long Keita is out for but it was a serious foul.

If he didn't mean I'd expect him to look sorry instead Pogba just walked off and smiled. No place for that in football, he needs to be ashamed of himself. 

Correct decison? Yes

Cristiano Ronaldo Offside

He was offside. Just. That is why VAR got brought in.

Correct decison? Yes

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