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Everton v Liverpool: Merseyside Derby Build Up - Are Everton A 'Big' Club?

Tonight is the 1st of the two Merseyside derbies in the Premier League this season as Everton host Liverpool live on Amazon Prime.  This week's opinion piece is on Liverpool's opponents. Whilst the red side of the city is one of the biggest clubs in the world, do we think the blue side should be regarded as a big club also?

Rafa Benitez

When I think of the term big club, I look at fanbase, trophy cabinet, consistent performance level and calibre of players/managers they can attract (and keep). 

For me, there are four clubs in the Premier League I would regard as big. Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal and more recently Chelsea. These clubs hit all four criteria I set for a big club. They have the biggest fanbases in England, have the most success and attract the biggest names, even when struggling.

Everton are in the group below of club status, but still not on the top of that either. Leeds United, Tottenham and Newcastle United I would put all above them. 

Growing up, Newcastle and Leeds were regular title and top four challengers. Consistency to do so is key, although in recent years they dropped off, because they had that consistent performance level, they built up their reputation.  

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To be a top club, the group below would need to start showing all four criteria. The word consistency could also be used for the other three criteria. Manchester City have a bigger fanbase these days, as you will actually see club shirts outside of Manchester. As it's only happened recently and not over decades, they aren't a big club.

Everton don't hit any of the criteria consistently at all. The played a bit with top four, no higher. They have attracted James Rodriguez and Carlo Ancelotti but lose both as soon as they see chance to get out. Everton shirts, you either see on MOTD or propping a table up in a bar. As for the trophy cabinet... well.

Answer: Definitely not

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